Monday, December 17, 2007

12/14 NRLB Skyline 630am Peets or 715am John Daly Blvd. meetup

Trinh's Ride Report:

- 7 hearty riders headed out for what would be one of the coldest
rides I have ever experienced
- took John's safer, nicer detour around the 35/1 offramp/onramp
interchange of death
- Sawyer Camp Trail was the treat of the ride with temperatures
dipping down to 25 F
 in fact, temps didn't get above 30 F until we exited the trail
- the rest of the ride was mellow as we soaked in the scenery

Sean and I confirmed that breakfast at Cafe 14 on the Crit campus is
open until 1030. The place was still stocked with eggs, potatoes,
sausages, pastries, fresh fruit when we got there at 1020.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Re: thurs 13th RRR 6:20 bayway

On Dec 13, 2007 6:48 PM, Ksenya wrote:
scott did not regale us with ride fanfare today so i'll fill in, albeit i cannot use as many GRE words in one sentence as he can. no ride shall go unreported.

lorenzo, daniel h, scott, julian, marius, and yours truly rendezvoused at ritual, surprisingly cheery for 6:15. on the way to cortland, othman joined as the seventh. we were truckin along fairly peacefully in the 37 degree sub san franciscan environs (that's 2.5 degrees celcius for those not brought up in the u s of a), when somewhere just past the airport marius attempted to unclip and boy did he. the pedal, along with the crank, spontaneously fell to the ground, but with the help of julian's trusty 5mm allen wrench was as good as new. again the gang stopped by the golf course to enjoy the sunrise and fix julian's mtn bike tire flat. i used the opportunity to gain advantage on the pack (cos ya kno, i rather be chased than have to chase.... on a bike), and forged forward alongside three feral cats. the breakaway was alas futile as the rest of the group took the foster city shortcut and passed me mere seconds before i reached the crossing of the two roads. thus the chasee became the chaser and julian caught the next caltrain. with all the holdups, and in hopes to redeem the sad demise of food at noname the day prior, five riders raced to eat every omelet, gritz, granola, and hazelnut muffin out there, whether they wanted it or not. a giant plate of strange hodgepodge of food awaited me as i leisurely arrived later. great ride, end state temperature 48 degrees.


PS: besides experiencing strange mechanicals, today marius also revolutionized something for the world of cycling. all know that full finger gloves are better than short finger gloves on a day like today. but what's even better is mittens. and what do you do when you don't have mittens? but of course, you wear socks on your hands. shifting ability is not impaired, similar results to marius's not guaranteed. scott has photographic evidence of this new fashion.

On Dec 12, 2007 5:55 PM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
due to the aggressive "sorry you missed breakfast... sucker!" attitude at no-name these days, tomorrow's bayway will be departing at 6:20.  get to ritual at 6:10 for your double macchiato.

ksenya will be Ride Commander, and you shall do her bidding.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Re: Bayway wed or thurs?

the other ride report - THE LATE, HUNGRY CREW

sean, sandor, yours truly, and SF2G newcomers/ungooglers joe and john (i think) rolled out of ritual about 6:35, slowing slightly to merge with the cheerful mary @ florida/chavez en route to the underpass of broken bottles/dreams and thence the usual bayway.  no one was of the disposition that we should attempt to reel in the earlier group, and so a sociable pace was decreed by silent zeitgeistial convergence, and the irksome headwind kept it that way.

one flat near the dual tonayense taco truck roachcoaches and graniterock cement factory was fixed in short order, and there was some talk of getting breakfast right then and there, but no, we figured what are they going to do, *run around no-name at light-speed taking all food away while we attempted to grab it from them?*  naaah, why would they do that?  that would be Hella Lame.

fears were assuaged when osmond and e-dub emerged from no-name and announced a broad selection of breakfast vittles... but they didn't count on the Hamburglars on the kitchen staff who were apparently under very strict orders to allow NO ONE to eat ANYTHING after 9:30 EXACTLY.  I think I had the ladle *in my hand* when the dude ran off with the pot of oatmeal.  Zero smoothies, eggs, potatoes, burritos, fake sausage, nada, nothing, only a grim residue of yogurt and some bits of granola.  NOT EVEN CAFFEINATED COFFEE.  I tell you the new Google sucks.

Dickman will hear from us, oh yes.


On Dec 12, 2007 11:29 AM, Ksenya Gusak <> wrote:
one of the ride reports: THE EARLY CREW

a shuttle service of sorts:
at 5:52am i left my house
at 5:58am i picked up E&O at e-dub's house
at 6:03am we picked up misha at his house
at 6:15am we picked up maureen at the top of cortland...
and there you have it. no flats, no mechanicals, the only holdup was slowpoke me.
a beautiful dawn pre-6:30 over the bay.
yay for sf2g!

tomorrow 6:15 coffee 6:30 RRR.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Re: Skyline 12/11 6:40am from Peets or meetup at John Daly at 7:15am

when you get to 200bpm and lactate threshold on a flat road 3 inches from the guy in front of you, the pace is indeed brisk.  blistering leadout by chris and when 24mph just wouldn't cut it anymore, space, and no turns at the front for me.  remind me to use a bronchial dilator next time, -hack, cough-

incidentally, tomorrow's bayway will now be a recovery ride, so anyone who favors a leisurely/conversation pace, see you at ritual at 6:20.


On Dec 11, 2007 11:00 AM, Trinh <> wrote:

Ride Report:

- 7 riders departed the city on a cold morning
- very brisk pace with some intervals thrown in to stay warm
- sadly, couldn't get a pace line going on Canada road, all I could do
was wave bye, bye and good luck to Space, Chris, and Scott
- arrived at the Goog at 9:50 and to our surprise there was plenty of
food at No Name

hope to see everyone out again

On Dec 10, 6:06 pm, "Julian Bill" <> wrote:
> I'm riding in tomorrow and will be up for Skyline. Scott where should we
> meet? I'll bring my road bike.
> Julian
> On Dec 10, 2007 5:43 PM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
> > so i'll see you types at daly/skyline at 7:15.  anybody else doing this
> > (peet's bypass/mission direct) route?  if not i'll skip ritual and leave
> > dirctly from my crib @ 25th/shotwell.
> > -SC
> > On Dec 10, 2007 1:50 PM, Jay Boren <> wrote:
> > > +1
> > > On Dec 10, 2007 10:29 AM, marius a. eriksen <> wrote:
> > > > i'm in.
> > > > On 10/12/2007, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
> > > > > yeah i'm down.  ran into space yesterday too and he said he's
> > > > interested.
> > > > > i'm sure ksenya bought some cold weather gear by now and is also in.
> > > > > On Dec 10, 2007 9:56 AM, Trinh < > wrote:
> > > > > > After the holiday party I figure we all need 10 extra minutes of
> > > > > > sleep. Anybody interested?
> > > > --
> > > > m3 -
> > > >
> --
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Re: 12/5 630am Skyline from Peets

Solo ride report (solo for the first hour anyway):

I showed up about 3 minutes late to Peet's, and spent the next 30
minutes trying to catch up with the Peet's group before an unfortunate
incident on great highway. Things I learned today:

- if you're going to spill, the thick, mushy succulents alongside the
coast are a very comfy crash pad. They may clog up your helmet air
vents, though.
- when a curb grinds all the way through your sidewall, finding an
empty packet of gu to use as a boot is very useful
- how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on sand-drowned jammed
STI shifters using water from a camelback
- if you step off the pavement with speedplay cleats, you'll spend 5
minutes and another few cups of camelback water clearing the mud out
of them
- show up to Peet's on time
- replaceable rear dérailleur hangers are a good thing
- i do not want a carbon frame
- when looking over your shoulder to find a passing truck to draft,
make a velocity-compensated mental model of your trajectory w.r.t. the
curb first

an educational morning to be sure.


On Dec 5, 2007 12:24 PM, Mary Hollendoner <> wrote:
> 1 flat on my first SF2G ride last friday
> 2 flats today on my second SF2G ride
> So, should I bring 3 spare tubes with me next week?!
> (and only 1 flat in the previous 1,000 miles on this bike!)
> Beautiful ride, thanks for joining, see you next week! (i'll steer clear of
> Jay since my bike tubes seem allergic to him ;o)
> On Dec 5, 2007 12:17 PM, Eric Altendorf <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > On Dec 5, 2007 12:08 PM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
> > > ride report distilled: multiple departure points converge like a team of
> > > synchronized swimmers and a new mission-skyline route is christened.
> > >
> > > stephan, lorenzo and yours truly departed ritual @ 6:40 and performed a
> > > difficult rolling rendezvous w/ mary and john deep on mission st. on the
> > > daly city approach vector. right-turn (clyde) at john daly blvd. and a
> > > smooth ride to CA-35/skyline for revdezvous deux with trinh, marius,
> chris
> > > h., daniel, and jay makes 10 for a gorgeously foggy/sunny/slippy ride
> down
> > > the scenic route. at least 3 flats recorded on mary's bike alone I
> hear,
> > > with a couple more for good measure. punctual 10:30 arrival.
> > >
> > > some mediocre photos:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > mission dwellers take note: skyline route does not require a 3-mile trip
> > > north to Peet's (mediocre coffee anyway) - just go to ritual and then
> take
> > > mission->john daly->skyline (essentially), much faster and better
> macchiatos
> > > to boot.
> >
> > No dawn surf, though. That's what I ride north for.
> >
> > --eric, who makes his own coffee at home anyhow
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > > -SC
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > On Dec 4, 2007 9:17 PM, Daniel Hobe <> wrote:
> > > >
> > > > +1
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > On 12/4/07, Trinh <> wrote:
> > > > >
> > > > > Wednesday is supposed to be the only dry day of the week. Anybody
> want
> > > > > to take advantage and ride?
> > > > > >
> > > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > --
> > > > Daniel Hobe <>
> > > > > >
> > > >
> > >
> >
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> >

Re: 12/5 630am Skyline from Peets

ride report distilled: multiple departure points converge like a team of synchronized swimmers and a new mission-skyline route is christened. 

stephan, lorenzo and yours truly departed ritual @ 6:40 and performed a difficult rolling rendezvous w/ mary and john deep on mission st. on the daly city approach vector.  right-turn (clyde) at john daly blvd. and a smooth ride to CA-35/skyline for revdezvous deux with trinh, marius, chris h., daniel, and jay makes 10 for a gorgeously foggy/sunny/slippy ride down the scenic route.  at least 3 flats recorded on mary's bike alone I hear, with a couple more for good measure.  punctual 10:30 arrival.

some mediocre photos:

mission dwellers take note: skyline route does not require a 3-mile trip north to Peet's (mediocre coffee anyway) - just go to ritual and then take mission->john daly->skyline (essentially), much faster and better macchiatos to boot.


On Dec 4, 2007 9:17 PM, Daniel Hobe <> wrote:


On 12/4/07, Trinh <> wrote:
> Wednesday is supposed to be the only dry day of the week. Anybody want
> to take advantage and ride?
> >

Daniel Hobe <>

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fwd: SRLB RRR KBR 6:30 Tues Dec 4

Contender for ride report of the year?

On Dec 4, 2007 10:51 AM, Ksenya Gusak <> wrote:
KBR ride report:

energized by the sight of gargantuan raindrops outside at 5:30 am, the fearless gang texted each other saying "sweet! it's raining! i've always wanted to do a rain ride and the sf weather is just too damn dry!", and rolled down to ritual by 6:15.

the cupcake was de-li-cious! who knew ritual even had cupcakes.

all our clothes got absolutely drenched even before we cleared the cortland hill but hey, it was dark. from there on out it was just mud in the faces of those who tried to hang on to the back wheel of the leader and of the passers by (there weren't too many of those crazy people on the streets today, but we got every single one that was fool enough to be out there in the rain).  the muddy cyclocross section was a little difficult to navigate with skinny tires and no fenders but at least we had it fresh in our minds that it hurts when you hit the 5 inch concrete basrelief at the top of the bridge.

you all missed out.

actually, we did too. the text messages went something like "going back to bed". "me too". "yup". go go go on trinh's dry day ride tomorrow! it's your only chance.


On Dec 3, 2007 10:13 AM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
I'll be there, assuming ksenya will still be my friend and it's not raining.


On Dec 2, 2007 10:50 PM, Eric Altendorf < > wrote:

Weekend overbeerage demand penance; I'm shooting for two rides this
week, Tuesday and Thursday.

KBR = Ksenya Birthday Ride.

We'll gather at 6:15 at Ritual, buy a cupcake and put a candle on it
and sing Happy Birthday, assuming Ksenya actually shows up, then roll
out at 6:30.  SRLB just means that I won't be doing the sweep this


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Friday, November 30, 2007

Re: NRLB ride Fri 11/30?

ride report: wow, what a turnout! 22 riders show up on a damn cold inky black 'morning' and 21* arrive in one piece, not bad. i have never seen a line *out the door* at ritual at 6:10am -- the cashier was so impressed he asked me to email him photos. hats off to the 4 or 5 new riders who made the trip with nary a complaint despite the icy tundra on tunnel road, frequent dicey traffic situations, and the brakeless kemler riding with a cavalierly loose chain. *the one casualty of the ride was the normally indomitable Jason G., who was so completely relaxed in the cyclocross section that he forgot about the 5" lip and got acquainted with the concrete edge, damaging his Record shifter, hand, and mojo. Reports indicate he caught a train in PA and made it down to the office in santa peninsula somewhere. overall a super gorgeous ride with excellent if slightly chilly conditions. hope to see some of y'all next week on a less 'glamorous' day, say monday, mmm? some crappy photos: -SC PS - PC still lives on the peninsula... something must be done. PPS - the Andrew Fort award for least cycling-like clothing goes to Andy
On Nov 30, 2007 10:40 AM, Sam Arons wrote:
Thanks to Eric for excellent organization and a great ride! See you all next week... -sam
On Nov 30, 2007 10:37 AM, Lorenzo Colitti
Sam Arons wrote: Is anyone planning an NRLB ride to Google tomorrow (Fri 11/30)?
Man, that was a gorgeous ride. Thanks to all for turning up! Sean (is this your email?), I still have your water bottle. Where do you want it delivered? Cheers, Lorenzo

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fwd: bayway thurs. 11/29 6:30 RRR

Ride Report:

3 riders: Scott, Liam and Myself. 6:30 rollout, 9:10 Roll in.

Uneventful ride once out of SF.  A driver in the Mission came very
close and a fight was brewing at the next light.  Thoughtful words
were exchanged and we rode on to the boulevard of broken dreams and
bottles.  Scott set a good pace with 18-21 mph most of the way.

No mechanicals or injuries.  Yay!

On Nov 28, 2007 9:08 AM, Daniel Hobe <> wrote:
> normal rollout at 6:30, come early to get your caffeine fix.
> --
> Daniel Hobe <>

Daniel Hobe <>

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fwd: bayway wed. 11/28 6:15 RRR

ride report: DJ BK Broiler, E-dizzle, and Sucker MC (yours truly),
mired in pre-dawn blackness, set off at 6:20 on a quest to make BK's
9am meeting... but holy headwind, it was not to be. 20mph in the face
saw to that, and BK was forced to call in from the Salado sticks... to
be honest, I'm not sure if he has what it takes to be successful on
This Team.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
I might be in - if I can pull myself out of bed.

On 11/27/07, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
> early departure tomorrow due to decrees by certain surly superiors.
> meet @ ritual 6:05 for 6:15 departure... bring a light.
> route will be bayway via cortland hillette.
> -SC
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Re: monday 11/26 bayway 6:25 RRR

A desolate solo mission of doom by yours truly -- gloriously sunny, 40 degrees, blustering headwind, slow ride (take it easy).  Good times though.  Ran into the older asian guy once again, and of course rode by him hands-free, which always excites him (he requested lessons one time).  My Foster City buddy.


On Nov 25, 2007 6:33 PM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:

anyone up for a monday-style ease-on-down to G via bayway?  6:20
ritual roasters, leave 6:30, get to G at 9:15.

0% chance of rain say the wise seers of


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sunrise on tha SF2G, tues 11/20/07

Re: 11/20 SRLB RRR 6:15

you crashed your brand-new madone?  bummer dude.

ended up working out fine, as stefan showed up, and we rendezvoused w/ maureen and cedric just south of the city.  a sociable 4some and troublefree, other than maureen's unfortunate spd-cleat/shoe separation (anxiety), which was fixed quickly by the nascar-style pit crew of stefan and cedric, resulting in on-time arrival and no shortage of smoothie selection.


On Nov 20, 2007 7:57 AM, Lorenzo Colitti <> wrote:
Scott Crosby wrote:
> bullshit!  drinking a macchiato right now.  solo mission of doom I guess...

Sorry people. I crashed my bike on its test run yesterday, and while the
bike can still be ridden (although damaged), I was not in a fit state to
ride. I apologize for getting you up early for nothing. :(


Friday, November 16, 2007

Re: FRIDAY nov 16 NRLB - 6:15 RRR - bayway & partycar

Ride report: 

another day, another tragic wreck.  that's it, i can't take the guilt, i will lead no more sf2g rides... this case, daniel got acquainted with the asphalt in some nameless peninsula burg and the meeting was not amicable.


On Nov 14, 2007 11:40 AM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
as an extra special courtesy to those of you who like to bring clothes and whatnot into work in advance of riding in, i hereby announce the usual no-rider-left-behind (NRLB) friday ride from SF 2 tha G.  

since the large friday group rolls in at a leisurely pace and often finds itself fixing flats and such, we'll do the ritual roasters rollout (RRR) at 6:15, so bring at least a blinky light, if not an $1185, 1400 lumen Lupine Betty mobile supernova.

as for the return trip, it shall be via the 5:46 caltrain, aka partycar.  meet at the charleston/huff sunny glen @ 5:17 for that.

there's also a Trinh-sponsored skyline ride tomorrow, should you care to subject yourself to much legburning.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fwd: bayway wed nov 14 RRR! 6:30

Ride report:

the enigmatic marius, laconic daniel, and mild-mannered yours truly were minding our own business at ritual this morning circa 6:20, when who should walk in the door but the dreaded julian, aka the knobby-tired crusher, whom we had assumed was on semi-permanent disability after suffering a compound femur fracture earlier in the year. 

rattled, we nonetheless set off into the twilight of dawn... or was it twilight of doom?

in short order the warm, deceiving rays of mr. sun convinced us it was to be a typically genteel waltz down the byways of the bayway, but then the omen appeared: a solitary black cat blocking our path, refusing to yield and appearing to sneer at our attack.  foolishly heedless, we pressed on... and this is the result:


To: SF2G <>

who's in for bayway tomorrow?  some wardrobe malfunctions, so to
speak, prevented breakfast today so you can bet that's not happening
tomorrow.  that said, no gratuitous punishment is forecast.


tues 11/13 skyline

rolling thru the pre-dawn blackness to Peet's I saw Chris up ahead veering the wrong way onto a side street from Dolores... hmm, must not be Chris.  if only we were so lucky.  seems he was collecting the dreaded Space, king of skyline, which meant a fearsome pace and merciless accelerations at every turn.  and so it was to be.

Liam, Space, Chris, Marius, BC, and yours truly started about 6:45 and after 3 flats and some waiting for the still-hungover BC, we rolled into G at about 10:20... with only some granola and yogurt to satiate our massive calorie deficits. 

Canada avg: about 24mph

the highlight was Space's assault on sawyer camp trail -- very fast and curvy, with lots of runners and walkers as slalom cones -- good times.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Fwd: monday 11/5 RRR 6:15

4 battle-hardened warriors (kemler, altendorf, chris, yours truly) set
off at 6:30 from ritual today with some much-needed daylight assisting
navigation. le kemler selected the underpass of broken bottles and
dreams, as the cortland hill was deemed too steep for a monday.

a powerful pace was set and E.P.A. was reached in under 2 hours of
ride time, with noname arriving at 2:17:30, about 19mph avg. Not bad
for a monday.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Scott Crosby <>
Date: Nov 4, 2007 7:21 PM
Subject: monday 11/5 RRR 6:15

old man winter giveth and he also taketh away; tomorrow he provideth
one hour more of darklessness, and so we ride extra early to appease
the guardians of punctuality, both of noname and and of certain surly

if you get there before me, i'll take a double macchiato.

txt to 619-917-5560 should there be any need for further chatter.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Re: Order for Fri 10/25 Bayway - two groups

-one of- the mini ride reports.

an unlikely large for 6:15am group of 12 met up at 24th and mission, boys comprising a miniscule 33% of the pack (nearly unheard of for sf2g).
immediately at the dark dark turn after the T-Third split into three or four subgroups: 75% of the aforementioned 33% rode on to make their morning interviews; Othman caught up and he and I rode together and made it in time for burritos; the remaining 66% made it sometime thereafter. nothing is known of the 6:45 delegation out of RR.

Halloween critical mass starting today at 6pm from Justin Herman Plaza. Costumes encouraged.


On 10/25/07, Ksenya  wrote:
hi all. here's some order to the madness.

6:15 - group of whoever rsvp'd will be leaving from 24 x Mission. fend for coffee prior. led by Cate.

6:45 - another group, leaving from RR. led by Mike.

Show up to whichever one you like (rsvp if you like to this consolidated thread), but the trains will be leaving promptly at the specified times.


Ksenya Gusak  |  International Sales Finance  |  Google Inc.  |  650.214.4193 (w)  |

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fwd: SF -> Google: it's what fridays are for, yo!

ride report:

despite a furious flurry of feigned flaking via txt, 5 riders made the junction at Ritual for a caffeine injection procedure and thus via rain-slicked roads to the G.  undeterred and undispirited by wetness and wimpouts from (Donny) Osmond and Sandor (not to mention all the rest of y'all), the peloton hurtled down the peninsula, immune to its suburbanity, and absorbed Lucas (already hours into his usual ride) in san mateo to make 6.  congenial and brisk riding marked the remainder of the trip, with nary an attack nor sprint, other than the occasional faux green jersey points grab by Andreux (who was spotted injecting EPO during breakfast; no WADA present fortunately).  and as usual, ksenya worked on her form for the upcoming velodrome season by spinning in her small chainring for 43 miles of flatness.  forget about matching her rpms folks.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Scott Crosby <>
Date: October 18, 2007 4:20:50 PM PDT
To: SF2G <>
Subject: SF -> Google: it's what fridays are for, yo!

[rbike bcc'd for new recruits]

We haven't missed a friday in like 5 months, so we're not gonna start now.  Get up in the pre-dawn blackness and throw back a couple double macchiatos; time to ride from the SF to the G.

: Meet at Ritual Roasters (valencia bt 21st/22nd) at 6:20 for a 6:30 departure.
route: Bayway, foster city/feral cat variation; 43 miles
pace: Fast, damn fast!  24mph average.  Ok not really.  Friday-style pace.
arrive: about 9:30
food: everything in no-name, including biodegradable forks, to be eaten 
beers: what cycling is for; tgif then partycar then maybe gestalt

some photo evidence:

lemme know if you're in; txt 619-917-5560.

note: light rain is not supposed to happen until the afternoon: "Mostly cloudy with some showers in the afternoon. High 66F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%."

That said, if there's standing water on the ground and it's actually raining in the am, abort!


Fwd: THurs RRR 6:45 WBD POR

ride report:

Refreshing lack of annoying company on this ride, allowing thoughtful contemplation of life's mysteries sans annoying babble from riding companions.  Cool raindrops prevented overheating, a nice touch from mother nature.  Recommended!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Scott Crosby <>
Date: October 17, 2007 9:09:32 PM PDT
Subject: THurs RRR 6:45 WBD POR

Anyone care to ride tomorrow, weather be damned, press on regardless? Civilized 6:45 departure. / (619) 917-5560

Friday, October 12, 2007

Re: FRI 630 RRR

Ride Report

At 5:30 I walked across the street to the park, and the dog and I both agreed it was pleasantly warm and perfectly dry enough to ride.  After dispensing some kibble, spandexing up I left the house in a mild drizzle.  As I sat at Ritual all alone, watching the rain get heavier and trying to remember the Valencia shuttle schedule, I got a text that SCrosby was "in if I was in".  "Dammit" we both declared as I wrote back "yes".

The rain was pretty relentless for the first two hours, despite the optimistic "accu"weather forecasts.  We opted for the Bayshore Direct route to the airport, which is theoretically shorter but full of puddle seeking trucks and lacking in general charm.  The angry sky softened around EPA, but a Satchmo cheeked cloud preceded us the entire three hour way somehow maintaining a steady headwind in all four directions.

With an average speed of only 14.1, it was one of my slowest Bayways in a long time.  My very tired body is very surprised to hear that, and would rather just focus on the good things: such as I'm warm and dry now, and the fact that it's donut Friday.  It definitely wasn't a miserable ride - I don't think I've ever been miserable on a bike - but it definitely was a good ride to finish.

 -- Ryan*PC

On Oct 11, 2007 8:13 PM, Ryan PC Gibson <> wrote:
looks like rain should hold off until 10 so i'm willing to risk a
sprinkle.  Rollout from ritual at 630 (dark be damned).   Anyone in?

-- ryanpc 

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Re: Thursday 10/11 - Bayway - 6:30 RRR

Mini Ride Report:

7 riders at Ritual, left at 6:45, arrived at variously spaced times prior to 9:30 to a NoName full of Zeitgeist attendees. NoName staff shared "special salsa" with Othman and me.
No rain, not cold either, no incidents, no mechanicals. Two contingents past the airport, second contingent caught up eventually, mostly hanging on to the back wheel of El Mexicano (aka scrosby).

strong possibility of rain Friday, but the brave play it by ear for a 6:30 RRR.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Re: Thu 6:30 SF2G Skyline NRLB

thanks all, and thanks Ryan for organizing NRLB - loved Skyline but not sure when you'll see me there again :) maybe next week....
the only semi-mechanical must have been me trying to avoid getting doored about 10 feet away from No Name and thereby very softly colliding with a lightpost. I'm fine, only two witnesses :)


On 10/4/07, Ryan PC Gibson <> wrote:
Ride Report
  • Eight riders.  Congrats first time skyliners Ksenya, Chris and Ian.  And big thanks to the regulars who helped keep the group together all the way to foothill.
  • Special kudos to crazy Wickman who did a PA2SF2G starting at 4am.  On his fixed gear. 
  • A beautiful ride.  Despite the cool start at Peet's, it warmed up nicely and was down right pleasant on SCT.  Watch out for those deer!
  • Not a bad pace at all for a NRLB and no mechanicals.  We rolled into No Name after 3:16 total time (2:51 moving).
  • Canada TT was a personal record: 24.9 mph avg!  Probably a combination of taking the first 25 miles easy, a good team of domestiques pulling me and maybe a little tailwind.  Just a little though :)
 -- Ryan*PC

Friday, September 28, 2007

Re: NRLB Tomorrow -- CONFIRMED

the headwind was pretty strong.

i do believe lucasp actually did a century ride today all before 10am, as he left mtv at 3:30 (that's in the AM as well), rode to Ritual, and on the way back, left us to ride down to Stanford.
dedication or insanity? you be the judge.


On 9/28/07, Eric Altendorf < > wrote:

Ride report:

6 riders, 7 rider-rides (Lucas did the ride twice; came up from MTV
early in the morning and toodled around SF before going for coffee and
patiently waiting for us at Ritual).  No flats, mechanicals, or psycho
drivers.  Reasonable pace, no time-trialing today.  People complained
about the wind, but temperature-wise it wasn't actually that cold.  My
ear seems no better nor worse than before the ride, though it's
probably worse than if I'd gotten that extra 4 hours of sleep.  20
feral cats spotted between Lucas's and my 4 eyes.


PS: Start buying your cold-weather and rain gear now ... I'll be
SF2G'ing once a week through the winter, and would rather not go it

PPS: I'm trying to organize a cyclocross ride for sunday morning
somewhere near the city.  Ping me direct if you're interested.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Re: Bayway Thursday 9/27 - RRR 6:35

Thursday 9/27 Bayway Ride Report:

Nice group for a Thursday, 11 riders (including some South Bay and Skyline representatives) met at Ritual and set out in the pre-dawn of 6:40 on the Bayway via Cortland.
At 6:45, 10 riders cleared the hill and went onward. Amanda reports she is alright and will be getting new tires.
Beautiful day, sunny and warm.
The Hoffman-Andrews Second EPA Cyclocross Section variation will not be implemented into the regular route.
Rolled in in time to get the last coupla burritos at No Name.
No other known mechanicals except for some squeaky chains, reminding some of us of  last weekend's encounters with rain and snow. By now all attending parties have gotten Tahoe redemption.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Re: Full Bayway Route this Wednesday, Sept 19th?

Ride report:

Hello tailwind!

Despite dire warnings of hurricane systems moving into the bay (which frightened off more than one rider named Brett), a record group for a wednesday of 11 riders set out about 6:40 from Ritual via my house (floor pump, Ritual's is gone) to intrepidly attack the bayway and its mighty winds of doom.

But when your heart is pure you get green lights, parking spaces, and 20mph+ tailwinds, and we got near-ideal wind for most of the ride, enabling all 11 riders to stay together and clock 24mph for extended sections with little effort. Later, on the goose guano TT course, David Zabriskie (aka Sean O'Brien) set a blistering and sustained 30.6mph *average* over 2-odd miles, splitting the field, which regrouped slightly later. I believe this is also a record, for that section at least. Goes to show it's the bike (Moots), not the rider!

Took a few photos on the way... note this is a medley of several trips.


rbike bcc'd

Friday, September 14, 2007

SF2G Bayway / Fri 9.14 6:30 RRR / NRLB

Ride Report
  • 13 riders in the Cat2-5 group from SF, preceded by 3 riders in the Cat1 (aka "I've-got-a-9am-meeting") group.
  • Trinh the Merciful did a super job of sweeping.  For the first half the group kept together with frequent regroups.  After Seal Point, the main pack split off and a few of us hung back.  Around Oracle, Topher, Scrosby and I had lost sight of both the autobus and the peleton so redoubled our efforts and closed down the gap over the eight miles before Sun.
  • Sounds like there was one mechanical that delayed the group nought due to clever course rerouting.
  • Congrats Sandor on his first SF2G, and congrats to scrosby on his 5x week.
-- Ryan*PC

ride report - thurs sept 13

Ride Report
  • Eight riders; a great turn out for a fast Thursday ride
  • No mechanicals and no fog!  The most perfect riding weather.  When you are feeling good, this is hands down the best SF2G route.  50 miles of which 30 is free or lightly trafficked.  Bliss.
  • For those keeping track at home: CaƱada 4mi TTT zone avg pace: 23.0mph
  • Congrats Brett (!?) and Jason: first time SF2G.Skyline riders
  -- Ryan*PC

ride report - wed sept 12

a rare appearance by the fashionable Elizabeth and the Peroxide
Coiffed Osmond plus the usual PC and Jason combined for a brisk yet
sociable jaunt down the peninsula. Attempted a new variation post-
Foster City to avoid the Road of Stench and Diesel Blasts from Trash
Trucks via Topher's TwinDolphin Twist (TTT). PC scored a flat on the
super flat-prone Kendas and vowed to get better tires (which he did -
Conti 4000s). TTT declared a success and a petition is now before
the executive committee to make it an officially-sanctioned Variation
on the route. Brett Lider, chairman of the Bayway Board, is known to
be skeptical of this motion.


ride report - tues sept 11

ride report --

BC, Amanda, yours truly battled the elements (72 and sunny) and a
double pinch-flat on Amanda's vintage C'dale to score an impressive 3
hour 15 minute ride time... some food left mercifully. Gracious
Amanda delivered 2 six-packs of delicious Beer to compensate her tire-
changing technicians, which was beyond the call of duty. What a girl!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ride report - monday 9/10

4 riders set out from Ritual Roasters (RR) in the pre-dawn haze: SC,
Ryan*PC, Jason Shields (sporting sweet Steelman in fetching green),
and Othman (or Osmond, if you prefer).

Pace was rather spirited, with ~19mph rolling average. Encountered
the mysterious Topher around San Mateo, who joined in the good times,
and arrived at G in plenty of time for devouring all food in sight.
Not a lot of attacking/sprinting action, but fast in general. No


Friday, September 7, 2007

Partycar today!

Meet at 5:15 for the trip to Moffett Liquor and thence to the 5:46
caltrain and partycar.


Ride Report - Friday 7 Sept. 2007

  • 10 riders from SF, plus another 4 at Millbrae. Mostly stuck together although a couple regulars fell off the back, and one fell off the front in solo breakaway.
  • With a loud pop, I flatted two blocks before Rituals. A quick tube change and a full inflation showed a nasty, gaping gash with threads poking out. Ironic considering the thread from last night. I booted it with a George Washington at Ritual and after reinflating it (Ritual has a floor pump - best coffee shop, ever) and it looked much better. Other than that, no mechanicals.
  • Casual pace, with a few furious sprints along safe, traffic free zones. The flagman along the single lane of Bayshore, stopped us all for a few minutes, then gave us a green go flag. My too early sprint was nothing compared to an impressive counter from Scott, which was demolished by a frame torquing attack from Trinh flying by at 36mph.
  • Congrats to Cara, first time rider (anyone else?)
[rbike on bcc] -Ryan*PC