Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fwd: bayway wed nov 14 RRR! 6:30

Ride report:

the enigmatic marius, laconic daniel, and mild-mannered yours truly were minding our own business at ritual this morning circa 6:20, when who should walk in the door but the dreaded julian, aka the knobby-tired crusher, whom we had assumed was on semi-permanent disability after suffering a compound femur fracture earlier in the year. 

rattled, we nonetheless set off into the twilight of dawn... or was it twilight of doom?

in short order the warm, deceiving rays of mr. sun convinced us it was to be a typically genteel waltz down the byways of the bayway, but then the omen appeared: a solitary black cat blocking our path, refusing to yield and appearing to sneer at our attack.  foolishly heedless, we pressed on... and this is the result:


To: SF2G <>

who's in for bayway tomorrow?  some wardrobe malfunctions, so to
speak, prevented breakfast today so you can bet that's not happening
tomorrow.  that said, no gratuitous punishment is forecast.


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