Friday, October 26, 2007

Re: Order for Fri 10/25 Bayway - two groups

-one of- the mini ride reports.

an unlikely large for 6:15am group of 12 met up at 24th and mission, boys comprising a miniscule 33% of the pack (nearly unheard of for sf2g).
immediately at the dark dark turn after the T-Third split into three or four subgroups: 75% of the aforementioned 33% rode on to make their morning interviews; Othman caught up and he and I rode together and made it in time for burritos; the remaining 66% made it sometime thereafter. nothing is known of the 6:45 delegation out of RR.

Halloween critical mass starting today at 6pm from Justin Herman Plaza. Costumes encouraged.


On 10/25/07, Ksenya  wrote:
hi all. here's some order to the madness.

6:15 - group of whoever rsvp'd will be leaving from 24 x Mission. fend for coffee prior. led by Cate.

6:45 - another group, leaving from RR. led by Mike.

Show up to whichever one you like (rsvp if you like to this consolidated thread), but the trains will be leaving promptly at the specified times.


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