Friday, December 17, 2010

12/14 Style 2 Bayway, 6:45am @ RRR

Sorry we lost you, Peter. We should've stayed to proffer you tubes.

Otherwise, fantastic ride today. Somehow, without any conscious effort, I've been 5 weeks off the bike (Barway exempted). With a week of travel and nearly a week of Thanksgiving, I'm amazed how easily the time slipped by.

Even in that short time, I feel everything—mind and body—has reset. I woke up with absolutely no idea why my alarm was going off so early. Yet somehow after the second snooze push, I dragged myself up. Fuelled up with my free $5.75 Ritual coffee (thanks, "Heavy Drinker" card), I was feeling pretty good setting into the rain. Danny and I were the only 6:30 holdouts, so we upgraded to the 6:45. We were by no means pushing it today. Definitely on the relaxed/slow end of Style II. We had a few rain/cross bikes in the mix, and everyone was chill. Still, by the time we hit Gateway, I was really feeling it... heart rate up, legs unhappy. We took SFO easy, and I got my second wind after that, and from Airport all the way to the Wailing Wall, I was fine. We'd even picked up some South Bay stranger named Julian by then... :)

Then, thinking my body had finally come to its senses, I tried for a pull on the Sun Sprint. Eh... not so much. Lasted about 10 seconds and fell back off the pack, utterly unable to sustain the required measly 21mph for even a second.

So, it looks like I have a good bit more riding to get in before I'm back to speed, ... a few weeks off really sets you back. But damn does it feel really really (really!) good to be back on a bike after a break! SF2G how I've missed you!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Midway("Fleaway") Ride Report

First off - never mock a fellow cyclist, I gave Lina some shit
yesterday and flatted twice today, suffering added humiliation that
the first was because I had patched a tube with a "Lame Ass Patch"(Tm)
and the second because I failed to follow my advice to myself to
"THROW THIS TUBE AWAY" and put a tube with an undiscovered slow leak
into my saddlebag, thus having to stop twice to add air just to get to
a bike shop.

You may however mock triathletes at will. Don't ask me, ask BSNYC.

Anyway - "Midway" also known as "Fleaway"

Doing Joe Gross Monday I was thinking "There has to be a better way".
There is (IMHO, YMMV). I did a little recon yesterday on the way to a
train station, and today since Theo bagged but Bret didn't, we decided
to try it out. First, we took San Jose/Alemany which I very much
prefer to Mission. San Jose has a bit of a freaky factor but not too
bad, Alemany has a bike lane and great pavement compared to Mission.
In theory you can switch from Mission to Alemany post San Jose.

We then took Hillside headed toward the hustle but took a right on
Lawndale, left on Mission, and then just past the BART station we got
onto the Centennial Bike Path. Joe Gross is basically 200 yards West
of this bike path the whole route, on El Camino. To be fair to Joe,
when he made the route, the path didn't exist. It dumps you off onto
Huntington at San Bruno BART, Huntington is actually a pretty good
road. Then you kind of wind around in a neighborhood, crossing the
tracks twice (once on a pedestrian crossing on a path) and then under
them and down a street that supposedly has no outlet but for bikes you
go through some poles into the Millbrae BART lot, then onto Rollins
which is very comfy. Right on Broadway takes you to Carolan where you
re-intersect with Joe Gross. We were spelunking a bit but I think it
will end up roughly the same time as Joe Gross but it's a lot more

Carolan to right on Oak Grove, left on El Camino, right on Occidental.
It looks like we can avoid El Camino here as well and still get on
Occidental. We then took a very bucolic route through Burlingame and
Hillsborough subdivisions. So far the ride has been pretty flat
outside of the slow rise up Alemany and one tiny bump in the
Hillsborough section. Left on Crystal Springs, Right on Alameda De Las
Pulgas - Avenue of the Fleas (thus "Fleaway"). That's when it gets

Stay on Alameda/Junipero/Foothill to your preferred exit. There are
many rollers on Alameda and one little bitch of a climb entering
Belmont, Strava says 3/4 mile at 8%. Ouch. There aren't a lot of
lights, there are some stop signs, nominal traffic but overall
reasonable riding. It's not Skyline, it's not Bayway - it's in
between. In climbing, in time, in scenery, in sketchy sections.

I took Arastradero to see what the "To Google Time" would be, roughly.
I had 2:40 rolling time to Arastradero and Central. Then it sort of
fell apart with the two flats.

Moderately recommended. I like it better than Bayway, less than
Skyline. Longer than Bayway for Googlers, probably shorter for Palo
Altans/Applers, FCHSMB.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5d5w #3: Calaveras Way, continued

+1 to this being a great route. Thanks to Murph for leading. I'd happily ride this again, especially when I gain some climbing form (another longer than 200 meters and/or 5% grade is killing me right now).



I was disappointed by the traffic on Foothill. Pleasanton has grown
South since I first started riding this/similar routes and there is
more housing along the Northern part of Foothill, and 680 is more
congested. You saw how traffic was backed up at the intersection just
outside Sunol - that is people who have been on 680 who are now going
to take 84 down Niles Canyon to Fremont. Since 680 backs up and the 84
exit off 680 backs up real bad, the Pleasantonians are now using
Foothill as a "back road" to 84. There is a parallel road called
"Pleasanton-Sunol" on the Southern half of Foothill, I've never ridden
it. Rather than testing it out I'll ask around. Of course, last time
there was substantially less traffic - could be that 680 was
particularly screwed up and we got bailout traffic.

Foothill used to really be the bomb - no traffic at all. Of course I
usually rode it at 10 AM on a Saturday, not 7:45 AM on a weekday.

But from the gravel pits to Felter Road I counted 1 car and 2 non-SF2G
cyclists in 10 miles or so. Word.


5d5w #3: Calaveras Way

New, official thread.

Meet at 24th/Mission BART by ~6:10, to get on the Dublin/Pleasanton
train departing at 6:15. Arrives Dublin at 7:07. Caffeinate/feed
beforehand - no eating/drinking on BART - take a nap or watch the

Route is BART->(R)Owens->(L)Hopyard->(R)Las Positas->(L)Foothill-
>(L)Kilkare->(L)Main->(L)84-SINGLEFILE->(S)Calaveras->Regroup at top
of 1.5 mile climb->(S)Calaveras->(R)Calaveras at Felter-Fast Descent-
>(R)Evans-becomes Jacklin->(R)Milpitas->(L)Dixon Landing- cross 880-
>(L)Sidewalk of McCarthy=BikePath->(L)Zanker-cross237->(R)Holger-
>(R)First-cross 237->(L)Gold->(R)Bike Path just past Gold Connector-
>(R)Carribean-(R)Levee Trail = Dirt->(L)Bay Trail - whip U-turn after
gate then left on Bay Trail Keep following fire road like trail to
gate then left on Steven's Creek Trail->(R) Crittenden->(L)Shoreline-

If you want to go but don't like dirt roads, you can take San Tomas
Creek Trail at Gold to Walsh/Kifer/Evelyn to Steven's Creek Trail to

Last time I had 2:49 elapsed time to Nvidia, Google would be ~3 hours.
We rode a brisk pace but waited for a regroup and then fixed a flat. I
show 1,669 feet of climbing - for comparison Skyline is more like 2800
feet - this is easier than Skyline because there is a lot less rolling
terrain and we actually end up at a lower elevation than we start. The
one climb is 2.8 miles but it's a 3.8% grade - very similar to the
Skyline climb out of the city. So if we have a mixed group then No-
name breakfast will be a stretch, but hey.

The riding is very pleasant. There can be a little traffic on the
North half of Foothill and the 84 section is a bit nervy. The Milpitas
section has a big ass (TM) bike lane and is more mellow than most of
Bayway, except we get to do the 880 overpass which is marked for bikes
but always a bit strange. Other than that, it's either long obscure
roads with no traffic, or bike paths. Give it a shot.


Stellar ride today, guys!  Perfect (if a bit chilly at the beginning) day for stellar views and a fun descent / fun dirt.

-- thorpej


Epic, beautiful, and the kind of climb I almost enjoy -- 3% grade, curvy, great views.  Surprisingly only 45 miles, seemed like 60.

and the dirt trails behind NASA were super cool with perfect hardpack aggregate.

nice ride, we'll have to do it again sometime.


5d5w #2: Grande Baywaye(R) - tues. 11/16 06:25 RRR style II

Alrighty, time for day 2, the legendary, rarely(ever?)-ridden Grande Baywaye®.

Tomorrow's ride is to be led by our own Brett Lider, founder of the Bayway, East Bayway, and Far East Bayway, among others.  

The basic idea is to ride as much bayway as possible, including several parts that make the ride longer for scenery's sake.  Thus the early departure.  Total distance, I would estimate, will be ~55 miles.

I'll let Brett fill in the details, but this will be a fun exploration mission, so try to have clear calendars until at least 10am.  the good news is you can bail at many points if you need to get to a meeting, etc.

oh, and MG, we are not going to do MSB/Radio Rd. for the sake of saving legs for wed/thurs, time considerations, and philosophical reasons.




That was sweet - perfect day for it too. Who knew plain ol' bayway could be that epic?



yeah that had some really great parts, good times.  the Maxxis Detonators lived up to their names, detonating twice, so they will be retired tonight, thanks for the extra tube Judd.

I think we rode about 30% of the total number of side trips out along the bay. Maybe one day we can organize a Super Bayway for those :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

5d5w III #1: Joe Gross

so that was Joe Gross.  fun in parts, right?  sucky in others, tons of stops/starts/traffic.  the seedy spine of the peninsula, as MG said.  the not-as-glorious Route 66 of the peninsula says I... semi-forgotten, lost in time, left by the wayside by the newfangled 101.

anyone take pictures?  I forgot... or maybe there were no inspiring vistas, other than the somewhat beautiful cemeteries in colma.

my garmin showed a tranquilo average of 16.4, which isn't bad considering the million signals we stopped at.  strava of course differs.

cool, 20% done with 5d5w!

ps - nice recovery by Matt at the Garcia turn -- he clipped a pedal and very nearly sailed into a parked car at high speed, taking me with him. that would have been something.



was awesome ride down peeps.  a pretty chill pace with a few pickups, but definitely shy of sprints.  very conversational and fun.  more please!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

9/24 6:40 Skyline RRR fast train to breakfast

After todays ride a few things became obvious.
1 - Max is capable of some serious power2 - Max is loves pancakes3 -
Max is scared to death of Beckett
I could spend time here trying to determine what this all says about
Max but mostly I keep picturing the elephant from Saturday morning
cartoons cowering in the face of a tiny mouse.

The morning train rolled up Mission to Cortland where the 7 Skyliners
bid adieu to Yuko and her Bayway rollers.  An uneventful ride up
mission to John Daly led to the first of the real sprints the group
was in anyway together for.  Max was talking some crazy about trying
to get everyone to 'keep it in their big ring', yeh sure homie :).
The climb up Skyline would be the first of many climbs that i unhooked
from the Brooks/Max train in order to save a little for later ( hello
not bonking! ).  At the top of Skyline Dave Blizard nonchalantly
rolled up saying something about having been chasing due to the
dynamic nature of this mornings departure time.  We regrouped multiple
times along the way with the last real time being just after SCT (
which we bypassed ) where Dave B turned off and Max ever vigilant to
Beckett-sign pushed us onward.  Max, Brooks, Jason and I did some
pacelining for the rest of Canada  ( at some point Jasons evil MTB
from the early 90s finally taking its toll and dropped him from the
rotation).  The water at Roberts was delicious and cold and we opted
for the shorter Manzanita road ( once we actually made the turn).  Max
and Brooks possibly sensing Becketts approach kicked in the turbos and
disappeared over the horizon once we hit Junipero Sera so Jason and I
finished to Page Mill where I abandoned to actually make it to work.

Total roll time for me was 2:06 which is a pretty quick Bayway time.
Putting it in on Skyline is friggin awesome.
thanks dudes!
will definitely ride this one again.


On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 11:30 AM, Max wrote

Thanks guys, today was straight up awesome -- fast but mellow, not too
cold and not too warm, clear and gorgeous views. Wish all Skyline
rides were like that.
As advertised, we rolled at 18mph, and most of the flat sections were
handled at 25mph or less. Eggs and pancakes were plentiful at our
chill 9:15 arrival.
Nice riding with you all, very much look forward to doing this route again.


P.S. I did occasionally insist we picked up the pace, for fear of
being caught by Beckett's ride 8-O


I've realized that by showing up at ritual 10 min after the group has
departed serves as a great training regimen. The effort expended
trying to catch the group had me in the "lung puking" zone for a bit.

Skyline doesn't get any better than today.. weather was epic! Good ride guys!
You can practice that on FFFF; start at the back of the pack, work
your way as far to the front as possible.

Gets a bit lonely at times, though.


On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Jason Thorpe wrote:

On Sep 23, 2010, at 6:54 PM, Max Levchin wrote:

> 6:30, RRR it is.
> I will be there at 6:20, but won't roll until 6:30.
> Pancakes!

Solid ride today, guys.  Pretty sure that was my fastest Skyline.

17.8 ave for me, but I had a solo slog down Foothill with some
elevation gain that brought the ave down, so I'd say we were rolling
~18.1 ave or so before that.

Perfect conditions today, too!

-- thorpej

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Beginner's Middle East (Bay) Way Ride Report (Tuesday, 7/20)

Vital stats:
Departed 16th and Mission BART at 6:22 am, arrived San Leandro 6:54 am
Riding time: 2:28
Mileage: 35.6
Avg. rolling speed: 14.4

Summary: I really enjoyed this ride and would recommend it to anyone who wants to change things up from Bayway or Skyline. It’s exhilarating to be on a commute to work where at times you can see no other buildings or people - it makes you feel much farther away from civilization than you really are. There are 3 dirt sections - sections 1 and 3 are easier technically, while section 2 is a little more challenging. If you haven’t ridden on dirt before, this is a good introduction. Section 1 gets you used to the feel of dirt and by the time you’ve arrived at section 2, you can handle the slightly rougher terrain. I have no special tires or equipment and I was fine.

Details: We got off BART, biked for about 10 minutes and then entered our first dirt section. It was definitely dirt, but I had pictured something much more intimidating - something like the deep grooves of BTN mud, which in my opinion, share some of the same tire trapping properties as MUNI tracks.

We exited dirt section 1, rode on pavement for another 10 or so minutes, and then headed on to dirt section 2. This section was more difficult because the stones over the path were larger than on the previous section. Still this was totally do-able for an intermediate cyclist like myself. I only slipped once here - and did not fall - w00t!

Somewhere during the ride, we rode through Hayward, where there is no bike lane and a few rushed and rude drivers came within a foot of our bikes. There was very little traffic on the road though, so luckily the cars were few and far between.

In Freemont, we entered a bike path, which started as a paved trail, and then transitioned to dirt section 3. This section was similar to the easier dirt of dirt section 1. By this time, I felt comfortable on the bumpy terrain and even found it fun!

As we continued on, we took our requisite photos with the Christina Maria:

(Now I know you all want to go on this ride for your pictures w/her!)

As we finished our last dirt section, we headed across 84 surrounded by the bay. Then it was back to our familiar Bayway stomping grounds - Sun, EPA, and finally Goog.

Brett insists that I tell you that I pulled him from Sun to GOOG ;) - and this was possible because I still had lots of energy from trying a new ride! For me, this ride was easier than a Millbraeway - it’s about 5 miles longer, but we were going significantly slower. This ride is more technically difficult than our standard routes, but that shouldn’t prevent anyone from trying it out. For beginners, you may feel a little wobbly on the dirt, but let’s face it, if you do fall (unlikely), it’s not going to hurt as much as falling on the Bridge to Nowhere...not that I know anything about that. ;)

The Bottom Line: If you’ve done Bayway and Skyline, this is the next ride to put into your ride portfolio. The ride is probably best in summer when it’s drier and the mud is less muddy, so you have plenty of time to test it out before the winter rains come back. What are

you waiting for? GO!

Friday, July 9, 2010

DOUBLE FAIL on Fri 7/9 Millbway style II

The day started out good;  Made the BART train on time, snuck in a
coffee, and rode down to Millbrae listening to Le Show.

Fooled around with the add-fare machine and managed to get rid of one
of my many $1.10 tickets lying around the house.

There was a +1 followed by a -1 and I expected to ride solo, so I was
pleasantly surprised to find Michelle Cheng (hope I got your name
right!) waiting at the bottom of the escalator.

Off we rode, and made the left onto Millbrae Ave.

SNAP     And there goes my chain.

Michelle was very optimistic that between her chain tool and someone
more experienced than either of us eventually riding by, my chain
could be fixed.  Looking at the missing link piece, I was unable to
muster such confidence, so I confirmed that she was cool with riding
on by herself, and said goodbye.  I called my wife and asked if she
could throw the boy, the dog, and the bike rack in the car and come
pick me up, walked back to the station, and took the BART back to Glen

They were waiting for me when I arrived, which was really nice, and I
went around the back, pulled out the rack, stuck it into the slot, and
turned the crank to tighten it into the hitch receiver.

SNAP   And there goes my bike rack.

We made it home on the cotter pin and slow driving.

This is the 2nd time the attachment system on my rack - Thule "Helium"
- has broken.  I'm going to insist on getting it replaced with
something different this time.  Never again.

So much for my glorious return to SF2G.  Next week maybe.


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7/9 Regular Bayway Style 3, Philz @ 6:15

Little chilly for a summer morning, and other than a small crash a
successful ride. 8 riders and we managed to pick up a few more along
the way, although we split into two groups by EPA.

Photo is after John took a corner with his inside pedal down and
caught some minor road rash.

Perfect style 3 pace at 14.7 mph, 3:05 (rolling time, including an
extra 3 miles that I rode to get to Philz).


On 7 July 2010 20:11, Nick Pelly wrote:
> Not quite a NRLB, but we'll be taking it really easy, so if you think
> you can keep up 15mph for the distance you should be ok. Already have
> 2 riders confirmed.
> Roll-out from Philz at Folsom & 24th.
> Nick

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Middle East (Bay) Way - Starting at West Oakland BART via the Posey Tube to Alameda Island

ToC (Table of Contents, not Tour of California)
1. New: West Oakland BART and the Posey Tube
2. New: Alameda Island to the San Leandra Marina
3. The rest of the way
4. Conclusion
5. Appendix
1. New: West Oakland BART and the Posey Tube
The ride starts at West Oakland BART and heads down 7th Street. I started a little after 6:15 AM and the streets were relatively empty, so it made for a chill start, just like Ammon and I had done some months back.
Up next was locating the Posey Tube, which for car traffic is the easten direction of travel. By some genius of urban planning, only one of the four possible walkways in the two tunnels to Alameda Island is open to pedestrian and bike traffic, and so when we had in the past tried to cross under via the westbound Webster Tube, we were looking in the wrong place. Once you know to go for the other tunnel, it is easy to find. This photo kinda says it all.
The Posey tube is loud and stinky and narrow. Stinky like sucking on a big rig's diesel exhaust as it gears down to climb up the highway 80 pass towards a Reno roadhouse. Loud like you can't even think to wonder where all this traffic came from. Narrow like the skinny jeans on an angry bike messenger working out their issues with authority while squeezing through FiDi traffic. (Enough with the poetics already.) The major concern for us bikers is the width. You can't ride fast, because there's a seam in the middle of the pathway that throws you off. And if a biker is coming the other way (like the dude with the motorcycle helmet and about 5 headlights I came across on this fine morning (sorry, no picture)), you both have to get off, squeeze to the sides of the walkway and slide past one another. It's totally doable, its just little bit of a pain. Kinda like the Bridge to Nowhere, it gives the ride some character. I recommend this ride for the mildly adventurous riding in a group of 10 or fewer.
2. New: Alameda Island to the San Leandra Marina
Once you are through the Posey Tube, you simply continue across Alameda Island to the waterfront and hop on the Bay Trail. There's a bike/ped bridge at the end of the island that takes you over to the land that the Oakland Airport is on. The only tricky bit here is that when you are just past the entrance to OAK, the trail starts up again, taking a sharp right out to the bay. From here to the San Leandro Marina was straightforward: just follow the trail along the water, and when the trail ends, stay on the surface streets next to the water until you reach the Marina.
3. The rest of the way
Same as previously documented. This day happened to have a stiff wind (10mph or higher) out of the west, so the ride became quite a slog for me. But every other time we have ridden this route, the wind has either been calm or helpful. Even though it was windy, I was tired and took time to take pictures and do minor route-finding, I finished the ride in 3 hours for a 15mph overall average (total of 45 miles).
4. Conclusion
I support adding this as a canonical SF2G ride. Thoughts? Shall we ride it together tomorrow?
5. Appendix

Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10 Bayway 6:45 RRR

Steel cut oats cooked in a crock pot overnight are awesome and made it easier to wake up when the alarm went off this AM.  I rolled out of bed, checked mail, saw everyone was bailing on the ride, checked the windows for rain and wondered what people knew that I didn't.  phone beeped and Kristine also -1'd, apparently she caught Hobe fever given the early hour.  It was a bit un-Hobe like to call a ride for earlier than 7 afterall.  That probably should have been the first sign he wouldn't be showing.

I was hoping to intercept peoples around the time they got to Cortland but left the house a bit too early to catch at Cortland and didn't think I had enough time for Sandbox so skipped pastries today in favor of seeing some dudes on bikes.  Cruised down Mission to Valencia and weirdly saw no other riders, I don't know that I've ever ridden that way and not seen anyone on a bike, freaky.  Got to Ritual and was sure I'd see it empty of life but instead found Trinh, Scott, Ted and Nils having a civilized conversation.  There was uncivilized talk about abandoning Colma way in favor of vanilla Bayway since our fearless ride-author was not to be found but eventually out of a sense of duty or hatrid of teh Cortland hurl we opted for Cemetery way.

The ride was mellow as called, no real sprints, we stayed together, exchanging a warmed up Trinh for a cold LeBaron at midway.  BTN was bypassed, Nils was flossing with his deep dish 808's in full effect.  Rain sprinkled, bugs were massacred and all was good with the world.  Let's do it again soon.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tues 9 march 2010 TTTTTT MRLB RRR 06:30 DT4 - 22.0mph avg - bayway record attempt

nice. excellent work, all. that was "hella" fun. marvelous riding by everyone. a couple of teachable moments but overall quite safe. needless to say, the rest of my ride to apple was significantly slower.


sweet baby jesus, thank god that's over. stats in brief:

  • dist: 42.43 miles (full bayway, including feral cats, plus the Lebariation bypass of the bridge-to-nowhere)
  • time: 1:54:24 (-2:27 vs. previous record)
  • avg: 22.3 mph
  • avg hr: 169
  • kcal: 1700
  • riders (12): faye, space, xton, ted, trinh, hobe, ben, josh, michael, murph, nils, yours truly
detailed account, from my hazy twilight memory:

I must say it was with some trepidation that I witnessed the TTTTTT gladiators stride majestically into Ritual this morning, all grim-faced, steely-eyed, and girded for battle. would it be I to be first dropped? could the tandem live up to its billing as a man-mauler? or would it be trampled under the wheels of its erstwhile brethren? only Fate knew.

fearing cortland, it was suggested that we form a no-drop zone until Tunnel Rd., which to my relief was agreed upon. lucky too, as lugging the beast up the Hurl with skipping chain did not go well, and only by the gracious soft-pedaling of the host of riders were we able to reconnect with the pack.

making the right onto Tunnel, it appeared all was together, but then the hard men of the bayway let it be known that the time for jesting and mirth had passed, proceeding to put us all in the hurt locker, and shedding some riders as the pace ratcheted up.

it was then that my stoker, the powerful Faye, announced her presence by cutting in the afterburners and keeping us in contention with stroke after piledriving stroke.

approaching the hotelland ramp, I was privately concerned that all would make it thru safely due to unseasonably high speeds and the narrow, muddy, downright silly maneuvering required, and sure enough, a loud CRACK announced the demise of Nils' Zipp 404 (ouch), which introduced itself to the curb violently, yet soldiered on until terminally sidelined by a flat in feral cat land.

solid pacelining continued for miles without incident, until Ted's tire also gave up, and he was forced to abandon the lead group while putting in a career performance. it should be noted that he still recorded a blistering 1:59, despite the flat.

arriving at Sun, it was clear that the record was within reach, but xton was in no mood for celebrating. seeing fit to push the pace to a relentless 27+ mph, the remaining riders were made to pay for the privilege with currency they could ill-afford to spend, as the city limit sign of Lactate Land came into view.

exiting EPA, space suffered the third and final flat of the ride, and was forced to limp in only a few minutes back.

entering the bayshore super sprint, xton smelled blood and powered on with teutonic, terminator-esque efficiency, doing the lion's share of work while refusing to break a sweat or even breathe thru his mouth. as the group had been whittled to just 4 machines at this point, only the rules of engagement kept him from dropping his companions and basking in righteous solo victory.

at last it ended at charleston & amphitheatre, and then like keyser soze, poof! he was gone.

the rest of us bedraggled sweat-caked survivors -- michael, murph, faye & yours truly -- rolled into no-name, and tried to eat. I for one had no appetite.

thank you to everyone who showed up today. I think we can all agree that was the longest, most bad-ass TTT that has ever happened. it was historic*. once Nils determines the crash replacement cost of the 404, i suggest we take up a collection to buy him a new one. suffice to say, losing his power for the last 20 miles was a detriment to the effort.

*apologies to bikehugger (note the stats on strava are slightly different/slower than my garmin... I think the "stop timer" didn't register for some reason.

Agreed, Xton is AMAZING.

(And thank you for the vest)


I'm pretty sure xton on his own could have come close to this. He did the vast majority of the work. xton, you are an animal--very impressive stuff, sir.


Personally I got a flat with 8 miles to go after somehow sticking with the lead group until then in order to have a chance to hang with Hobe and Ben for a while. Ended up coming in at 1:59 and change.

Here's my track:

afterwards, got to do this: -Ted

I really wanted a strava KOM so I let a truck flick me before Coyote Point so I'd have an excuse to get the KOM of the "Lebariation"


Meh, it's OK. I'll get a replacement wheel tomorrow and pay crash replacement for it. I'm more frustrated by the fact that I didn't get to help out to my fullest potential... I was really looking forward to the long stretches of road towards the end.


Sorry about the flat Nils, but it was a great excuse for me to drop off that slave driver of a pace. Wow. Here is my strava from SF, to Hillsdale. Had to cut off to go to my office in Belmont. That climb up Raulston was a beast after 30mph pacelining:

Good job to those who kept going to Google to set a new time!

For glory. For Sparta!! Stupid Bayway.


A new record: 1:54 and change. I was there on the patio to watch them come in. -Brett L.

tuesday's forecast calls for moderate temps, strong tailwinds from the northwest (up to 37mph gusts), and it's time for some pain.

are you ready? then join us for the much-dreaded Terrible Tuesday Tandem Team Time Trial featuring the "Drop To 4" Most Riders Left Behind format.

myself and Faye will be piloting the cannondale tandem, and if anyone else has a tandem, bring it!

rules, should you elect to join this infernal pact:

  • smooth pacelines, no attacks, sprints, or sudden accelerations
  • no pulls of greater than 2 minutes
  • no "pull" if you are going to slow down the group... just peel off, there is no shame in it
  • no waiting, no regrouping (except to DT4 specs), one possible restroom break if necessary
  • 98% effort until all but 4 are dropped, then weakest rider's 100% effort will dictate speed; goal is to arrive at finish with 4 riders
  • full bayway including feral cats... BTN, maybe, depends on mud
  • safety is more important than records, so no putting others in danger by running red lights w/ opposing traffic
  • goal is >22.0mph average, and the average is a cruel mistress, which means in practical terms riding at between 24-28mph nonstop for just under 2 hours
  • if we're lucky, we'll defeat the current record, 1:56:51, and maybe take down a few strava segments while we're at it. if we can beat 22mph, we should get there in ~1:54.

anyone interested?


ps - it will be hard to get the tandem over the hills at the beginning and we may well be dropped. c'est la vie.

Friday, February 26, 2010

SF2G is awesome!

Even tho we mostly all kind of suck for hiding from the "rains" today, we do have some redeeming virtues.
1) there were no less than 5 rides called for yesterday, and I think they actually all happened (2 skylines, 2 bayways, 1 hmbayway(!)) It was awesome to have a 15-person paceline for parts of skyline after the 2 groups converged. riders coming the other way were fairly flabbergasted.
I think this means we have reached critical self-sustaining mass, and that this organism will live on despite anyone's departure from god's green peninsula.
3) we are in the SFBC's calendar: (scroll down to SF2G FFFF)
so this means we should have a big group for March 5th's FFFF. let's all try and make it for that one, I'll need some help with sweeping. Who's in for that?
4) our Strava club is pretty impressive. check out these mean stats! just imagine if Luddites like Eric actually got Garmins...
we have ridden 69,000 miles as a club, damn! and 2.5 million vertical feet!
Total Number of Rides 1,973
Total Distance 68,699 mi
Total Elevation Gain 2,499,109 ft
Total Commute Distance 24,281 mi
Total Number of Categorized Climbs 3996
I think we're the #2 club by miles, after Mission Cycling, which has 20 more members. So all ye who have garmins, sign up for the club on strava.
good stuff maynard!