Friday, September 28, 2007

Re: NRLB Tomorrow -- CONFIRMED

the headwind was pretty strong.

i do believe lucasp actually did a century ride today all before 10am, as he left mtv at 3:30 (that's in the AM as well), rode to Ritual, and on the way back, left us to ride down to Stanford.
dedication or insanity? you be the judge.


On 9/28/07, Eric Altendorf < > wrote:

Ride report:

6 riders, 7 rider-rides (Lucas did the ride twice; came up from MTV
early in the morning and toodled around SF before going for coffee and
patiently waiting for us at Ritual).  No flats, mechanicals, or psycho
drivers.  Reasonable pace, no time-trialing today.  People complained
about the wind, but temperature-wise it wasn't actually that cold.  My
ear seems no better nor worse than before the ride, though it's
probably worse than if I'd gotten that extra 4 hours of sleep.  20
feral cats spotted between Lucas's and my 4 eyes.


PS: Start buying your cold-weather and rain gear now ... I'll be
SF2G'ing once a week through the winter, and would rather not go it

PPS: I'm trying to organize a cyclocross ride for sunday morning
somewhere near the city.  Ping me direct if you're interested.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Re: Bayway Thursday 9/27 - RRR 6:35

Thursday 9/27 Bayway Ride Report:

Nice group for a Thursday, 11 riders (including some South Bay and Skyline representatives) met at Ritual and set out in the pre-dawn of 6:40 on the Bayway via Cortland.
At 6:45, 10 riders cleared the hill and went onward. Amanda reports she is alright and will be getting new tires.
Beautiful day, sunny and warm.
The Hoffman-Andrews Second EPA Cyclocross Section variation will not be implemented into the regular route.
Rolled in in time to get the last coupla burritos at No Name.
No other known mechanicals except for some squeaky chains, reminding some of us of  last weekend's encounters with rain and snow. By now all attending parties have gotten Tahoe redemption.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Re: Full Bayway Route this Wednesday, Sept 19th?

Ride report:

Hello tailwind!

Despite dire warnings of hurricane systems moving into the bay (which frightened off more than one rider named Brett), a record group for a wednesday of 11 riders set out about 6:40 from Ritual via my house (floor pump, Ritual's is gone) to intrepidly attack the bayway and its mighty winds of doom.

But when your heart is pure you get green lights, parking spaces, and 20mph+ tailwinds, and we got near-ideal wind for most of the ride, enabling all 11 riders to stay together and clock 24mph for extended sections with little effort. Later, on the goose guano TT course, David Zabriskie (aka Sean O'Brien) set a blistering and sustained 30.6mph *average* over 2-odd miles, splitting the field, which regrouped slightly later. I believe this is also a record, for that section at least. Goes to show it's the bike (Moots), not the rider!

Took a few photos on the way... note this is a medley of several trips.


rbike bcc'd

Friday, September 14, 2007

SF2G Bayway / Fri 9.14 6:30 RRR / NRLB

Ride Report
  • 13 riders in the Cat2-5 group from SF, preceded by 3 riders in the Cat1 (aka "I've-got-a-9am-meeting") group.
  • Trinh the Merciful did a super job of sweeping.  For the first half the group kept together with frequent regroups.  After Seal Point, the main pack split off and a few of us hung back.  Around Oracle, Topher, Scrosby and I had lost sight of both the autobus and the peleton so redoubled our efforts and closed down the gap over the eight miles before Sun.
  • Sounds like there was one mechanical that delayed the group nought due to clever course rerouting.
  • Congrats Sandor on his first SF2G, and congrats to scrosby on his 5x week.
-- Ryan*PC

ride report - thurs sept 13

Ride Report
  • Eight riders; a great turn out for a fast Thursday ride
  • No mechanicals and no fog!  The most perfect riding weather.  When you are feeling good, this is hands down the best SF2G route.  50 miles of which 30 is free or lightly trafficked.  Bliss.
  • For those keeping track at home: CaƱada 4mi TTT zone avg pace: 23.0mph
  • Congrats Brett (!?) and Jason: first time SF2G.Skyline riders
  -- Ryan*PC

ride report - wed sept 12

a rare appearance by the fashionable Elizabeth and the Peroxide
Coiffed Osmond plus the usual PC and Jason combined for a brisk yet
sociable jaunt down the peninsula. Attempted a new variation post-
Foster City to avoid the Road of Stench and Diesel Blasts from Trash
Trucks via Topher's TwinDolphin Twist (TTT). PC scored a flat on the
super flat-prone Kendas and vowed to get better tires (which he did -
Conti 4000s). TTT declared a success and a petition is now before
the executive committee to make it an officially-sanctioned Variation
on the route. Brett Lider, chairman of the Bayway Board, is known to
be skeptical of this motion.


ride report - tues sept 11

ride report --

BC, Amanda, yours truly battled the elements (72 and sunny) and a
double pinch-flat on Amanda's vintage C'dale to score an impressive 3
hour 15 minute ride time... some food left mercifully. Gracious
Amanda delivered 2 six-packs of delicious Beer to compensate her tire-
changing technicians, which was beyond the call of duty. What a girl!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ride report - monday 9/10

4 riders set out from Ritual Roasters (RR) in the pre-dawn haze: SC,
Ryan*PC, Jason Shields (sporting sweet Steelman in fetching green),
and Othman (or Osmond, if you prefer).

Pace was rather spirited, with ~19mph rolling average. Encountered
the mysterious Topher around San Mateo, who joined in the good times,
and arrived at G in plenty of time for devouring all food in sight.
Not a lot of attacking/sprinting action, but fast in general. No


Friday, September 7, 2007

Partycar today!

Meet at 5:15 for the trip to Moffett Liquor and thence to the 5:46
caltrain and partycar.


Ride Report - Friday 7 Sept. 2007

  • 10 riders from SF, plus another 4 at Millbrae. Mostly stuck together although a couple regulars fell off the back, and one fell off the front in solo breakaway.
  • With a loud pop, I flatted two blocks before Rituals. A quick tube change and a full inflation showed a nasty, gaping gash with threads poking out. Ironic considering the thread from last night. I booted it with a George Washington at Ritual and after reinflating it (Ritual has a floor pump - best coffee shop, ever) and it looked much better. Other than that, no mechanicals.
  • Casual pace, with a few furious sprints along safe, traffic free zones. The flagman along the single lane of Bayshore, stopped us all for a few minutes, then gave us a green go flag. My too early sprint was nothing compared to an impressive counter from Scott, which was demolished by a frame torquing attack from Trinh flying by at 36mph.
  • Congrats to Cara, first time rider (anyone else?)
[rbike on bcc] -Ryan*PC