Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Re: 11/20 SRLB RRR 6:15

you crashed your brand-new madone?  bummer dude.

ended up working out fine, as stefan showed up, and we rendezvoused w/ maureen and cedric just south of the city.  a sociable 4some and troublefree, other than maureen's unfortunate spd-cleat/shoe separation (anxiety), which was fixed quickly by the nascar-style pit crew of stefan and cedric, resulting in on-time arrival and no shortage of smoothie selection.


On Nov 20, 2007 7:57 AM, Lorenzo Colitti <l.colitti@gmail.com> wrote:
Scott Crosby wrote:
> bullshit!  drinking a macchiato right now.  solo mission of doom I guess...

Sorry people. I crashed my bike on its test run yesterday, and while the
bike can still be ridden (although damaged), I was not in a fit state to
ride. I apologize for getting you up early for nothing. :(


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