Wednesday, November 14, 2007

tues 11/13 skyline

rolling thru the pre-dawn blackness to Peet's I saw Chris up ahead veering the wrong way onto a side street from Dolores... hmm, must not be Chris.  if only we were so lucky.  seems he was collecting the dreaded Space, king of skyline, which meant a fearsome pace and merciless accelerations at every turn.  and so it was to be.

Liam, Space, Chris, Marius, BC, and yours truly started about 6:45 and after 3 flats and some waiting for the still-hungover BC, we rolled into G at about 10:20... with only some granola and yogurt to satiate our massive calorie deficits. 

Canada avg: about 24mph

the highlight was Space's assault on sawyer camp trail -- very fast and curvy, with lots of runners and walkers as slalom cones -- good times.


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