Friday, November 16, 2007

Re: FRIDAY nov 16 NRLB - 6:15 RRR - bayway & partycar

Ride report: 

another day, another tragic wreck.  that's it, i can't take the guilt, i will lead no more sf2g rides... this case, daniel got acquainted with the asphalt in some nameless peninsula burg and the meeting was not amicable.


On Nov 14, 2007 11:40 AM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
as an extra special courtesy to those of you who like to bring clothes and whatnot into work in advance of riding in, i hereby announce the usual no-rider-left-behind (NRLB) friday ride from SF 2 tha G.  

since the large friday group rolls in at a leisurely pace and often finds itself fixing flats and such, we'll do the ritual roasters rollout (RRR) at 6:15, so bring at least a blinky light, if not an $1185, 1400 lumen Lupine Betty mobile supernova.

as for the return trip, it shall be via the 5:46 caltrain, aka partycar.  meet at the charleston/huff sunny glen @ 5:17 for that.

there's also a Trinh-sponsored skyline ride tomorrow, should you care to subject yourself to much legburning.


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