Thursday, October 4, 2007

Re: Thu 6:30 SF2G Skyline NRLB

thanks all, and thanks Ryan for organizing NRLB - loved Skyline but not sure when you'll see me there again :) maybe next week....
the only semi-mechanical must have been me trying to avoid getting doored about 10 feet away from No Name and thereby very softly colliding with a lightpost. I'm fine, only two witnesses :)


On 10/4/07, Ryan PC Gibson <> wrote:
Ride Report
  • Eight riders.  Congrats first time skyliners Ksenya, Chris and Ian.  And big thanks to the regulars who helped keep the group together all the way to foothill.
  • Special kudos to crazy Wickman who did a PA2SF2G starting at 4am.  On his fixed gear. 
  • A beautiful ride.  Despite the cool start at Peet's, it warmed up nicely and was down right pleasant on SCT.  Watch out for those deer!
  • Not a bad pace at all for a NRLB and no mechanicals.  We rolled into No Name after 3:16 total time (2:51 moving).
  • Canada TT was a personal record: 24.9 mph avg!  Probably a combination of taking the first 25 miles easy, a good team of domestiques pulling me and maybe a little tailwind.  Just a little though :)
 -- Ryan*PC

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