Friday, October 26, 2007

Re: Order for Fri 10/25 Bayway - two groups

-one of- the mini ride reports.

an unlikely large for 6:15am group of 12 met up at 24th and mission, boys comprising a miniscule 33% of the pack (nearly unheard of for sf2g).
immediately at the dark dark turn after the T-Third split into three or four subgroups: 75% of the aforementioned 33% rode on to make their morning interviews; Othman caught up and he and I rode together and made it in time for burritos; the remaining 66% made it sometime thereafter. nothing is known of the 6:45 delegation out of RR.

Halloween critical mass starting today at 6pm from Justin Herman Plaza. Costumes encouraged.


On 10/25/07, Ksenya  wrote:
hi all. here's some order to the madness.

6:15 - group of whoever rsvp'd will be leaving from 24 x Mission. fend for coffee prior. led by Cate.

6:45 - another group, leaving from RR. led by Mike.

Show up to whichever one you like (rsvp if you like to this consolidated thread), but the trains will be leaving promptly at the specified times.


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Friday, October 19, 2007

Fwd: SF -> Google: it's what fridays are for, yo!

ride report:

despite a furious flurry of feigned flaking via txt, 5 riders made the junction at Ritual for a caffeine injection procedure and thus via rain-slicked roads to the G.  undeterred and undispirited by wetness and wimpouts from (Donny) Osmond and Sandor (not to mention all the rest of y'all), the peloton hurtled down the peninsula, immune to its suburbanity, and absorbed Lucas (already hours into his usual ride) in san mateo to make 6.  congenial and brisk riding marked the remainder of the trip, with nary an attack nor sprint, other than the occasional faux green jersey points grab by Andreux (who was spotted injecting EPO during breakfast; no WADA present fortunately).  and as usual, ksenya worked on her form for the upcoming velodrome season by spinning in her small chainring for 43 miles of flatness.  forget about matching her rpms folks.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Scott Crosby <>
Date: October 18, 2007 4:20:50 PM PDT
To: SF2G <>
Subject: SF -> Google: it's what fridays are for, yo!

[rbike bcc'd for new recruits]

We haven't missed a friday in like 5 months, so we're not gonna start now.  Get up in the pre-dawn blackness and throw back a couple double macchiatos; time to ride from the SF to the G.

: Meet at Ritual Roasters (valencia bt 21st/22nd) at 6:20 for a 6:30 departure.
route: Bayway, foster city/feral cat variation; 43 miles
pace: Fast, damn fast!  24mph average.  Ok not really.  Friday-style pace.
arrive: about 9:30
food: everything in no-name, including biodegradable forks, to be eaten 
beers: what cycling is for; tgif then partycar then maybe gestalt

some photo evidence:

lemme know if you're in; txt 619-917-5560.

note: light rain is not supposed to happen until the afternoon: "Mostly cloudy with some showers in the afternoon. High 66F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%."

That said, if there's standing water on the ground and it's actually raining in the am, abort!


Fwd: THurs RRR 6:45 WBD POR

ride report:

Refreshing lack of annoying company on this ride, allowing thoughtful contemplation of life's mysteries sans annoying babble from riding companions.  Cool raindrops prevented overheating, a nice touch from mother nature.  Recommended!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Scott Crosby <>
Date: October 17, 2007 9:09:32 PM PDT
Subject: THurs RRR 6:45 WBD POR

Anyone care to ride tomorrow, weather be damned, press on regardless? Civilized 6:45 departure. / (619) 917-5560

Friday, October 12, 2007

Re: FRI 630 RRR

Ride Report

At 5:30 I walked across the street to the park, and the dog and I both agreed it was pleasantly warm and perfectly dry enough to ride.  After dispensing some kibble, spandexing up I left the house in a mild drizzle.  As I sat at Ritual all alone, watching the rain get heavier and trying to remember the Valencia shuttle schedule, I got a text that SCrosby was "in if I was in".  "Dammit" we both declared as I wrote back "yes".

The rain was pretty relentless for the first two hours, despite the optimistic "accu"weather forecasts.  We opted for the Bayshore Direct route to the airport, which is theoretically shorter but full of puddle seeking trucks and lacking in general charm.  The angry sky softened around EPA, but a Satchmo cheeked cloud preceded us the entire three hour way somehow maintaining a steady headwind in all four directions.

With an average speed of only 14.1, it was one of my slowest Bayways in a long time.  My very tired body is very surprised to hear that, and would rather just focus on the good things: such as I'm warm and dry now, and the fact that it's donut Friday.  It definitely wasn't a miserable ride - I don't think I've ever been miserable on a bike - but it definitely was a good ride to finish.

 -- Ryan*PC

On Oct 11, 2007 8:13 PM, Ryan PC Gibson <> wrote:
looks like rain should hold off until 10 so i'm willing to risk a
sprinkle.  Rollout from ritual at 630 (dark be damned).   Anyone in?

-- ryanpc 

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Re: Thursday 10/11 - Bayway - 6:30 RRR

Mini Ride Report:

7 riders at Ritual, left at 6:45, arrived at variously spaced times prior to 9:30 to a NoName full of Zeitgeist attendees. NoName staff shared "special salsa" with Othman and me.
No rain, not cold either, no incidents, no mechanicals. Two contingents past the airport, second contingent caught up eventually, mostly hanging on to the back wheel of El Mexicano (aka scrosby).

strong possibility of rain Friday, but the brave play it by ear for a 6:30 RRR.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Re: Thu 6:30 SF2G Skyline NRLB

thanks all, and thanks Ryan for organizing NRLB - loved Skyline but not sure when you'll see me there again :) maybe next week....
the only semi-mechanical must have been me trying to avoid getting doored about 10 feet away from No Name and thereby very softly colliding with a lightpost. I'm fine, only two witnesses :)


On 10/4/07, Ryan PC Gibson <> wrote:
Ride Report
  • Eight riders.  Congrats first time skyliners Ksenya, Chris and Ian.  And big thanks to the regulars who helped keep the group together all the way to foothill.
  • Special kudos to crazy Wickman who did a PA2SF2G starting at 4am.  On his fixed gear. 
  • A beautiful ride.  Despite the cool start at Peet's, it warmed up nicely and was down right pleasant on SCT.  Watch out for those deer!
  • Not a bad pace at all for a NRLB and no mechanicals.  We rolled into No Name after 3:16 total time (2:51 moving).
  • Canada TT was a personal record: 24.9 mph avg!  Probably a combination of taking the first 25 miles easy, a good team of domestiques pulling me and maybe a little tailwind.  Just a little though :)
 -- Ryan*PC