Friday, September 7, 2007

Ride Report - Friday 7 Sept. 2007

  • 10 riders from SF, plus another 4 at Millbrae. Mostly stuck together although a couple regulars fell off the back, and one fell off the front in solo breakaway.
  • With a loud pop, I flatted two blocks before Rituals. A quick tube change and a full inflation showed a nasty, gaping gash with threads poking out. Ironic considering the thread from last night. I booted it with a George Washington at Ritual and after reinflating it (Ritual has a floor pump - best coffee shop, ever) and it looked much better. Other than that, no mechanicals.
  • Casual pace, with a few furious sprints along safe, traffic free zones. The flagman along the single lane of Bayshore, stopped us all for a few minutes, then gave us a green go flag. My too early sprint was nothing compared to an impressive counter from Scott, which was demolished by a frame torquing attack from Trinh flying by at 36mph.
  • Congrats to Cara, first time rider (anyone else?)
[rbike on bcc] -Ryan*PC

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scrosby said...

We need to have Kemler and Marius for a true Sprint Quorum.