Friday, September 28, 2007

Re: NRLB Tomorrow -- CONFIRMED

the headwind was pretty strong.

i do believe lucasp actually did a century ride today all before 10am, as he left mtv at 3:30 (that's in the AM as well), rode to Ritual, and on the way back, left us to ride down to Stanford.
dedication or insanity? you be the judge.


On 9/28/07, Eric Altendorf < > wrote:

Ride report:

6 riders, 7 rider-rides (Lucas did the ride twice; came up from MTV
early in the morning and toodled around SF before going for coffee and
patiently waiting for us at Ritual).  No flats, mechanicals, or psycho
drivers.  Reasonable pace, no time-trialing today.  People complained
about the wind, but temperature-wise it wasn't actually that cold.  My
ear seems no better nor worse than before the ride, though it's
probably worse than if I'd gotten that extra 4 hours of sleep.  20
feral cats spotted between Lucas's and my 4 eyes.


PS: Start buying your cold-weather and rain gear now ... I'll be
SF2G'ing once a week through the winter, and would rather not go it

PPS: I'm trying to organize a cyclocross ride for sunday morning
somewhere near the city.  Ping me direct if you're interested.

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