Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Re: 12/5 630am Skyline from Peets

ride report distilled: multiple departure points converge like a team of synchronized swimmers and a new mission-skyline route is christened. 

stephan, lorenzo and yours truly departed ritual @ 6:40 and performed a difficult rolling rendezvous w/ mary and john deep on mission st. on the daly city approach vector.  right-turn (clyde) at john daly blvd. and a smooth ride to CA-35/skyline for revdezvous deux with trinh, marius, chris h., daniel, and jay makes 10 for a gorgeously foggy/sunny/slippy ride down the scenic route.  at least 3 flats recorded on mary's bike alone I hear, with a couple more for good measure.  punctual 10:30 arrival.

some mediocre photos:

mission dwellers take note: skyline route does not require a 3-mile trip north to Peet's (mediocre coffee anyway) - just go to ritual and then take mission->john daly->skyline (essentially), much faster and better macchiatos to boot.


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> Wednesday is supposed to be the only dry day of the week. Anybody want
> to take advantage and ride?
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