Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Re: Bayway wed or thurs?

the other ride report - THE LATE, HUNGRY CREW

sean, sandor, yours truly, and SF2G newcomers/ungooglers joe and john (i think) rolled out of ritual about 6:35, slowing slightly to merge with the cheerful mary @ florida/chavez en route to the underpass of broken bottles/dreams and thence the usual bayway.  no one was of the disposition that we should attempt to reel in the earlier group, and so a sociable pace was decreed by silent zeitgeistial convergence, and the irksome headwind kept it that way.

one flat near the dual tonayense taco truck roachcoaches and graniterock cement factory was fixed in short order, and there was some talk of getting breakfast right then and there, but no, we figured what are they going to do, *run around no-name at light-speed taking all food away while we attempted to grab it from them?*  naaah, why would they do that?  that would be Hella Lame.

fears were assuaged when osmond and e-dub emerged from no-name and announced a broad selection of breakfast vittles... but they didn't count on the Hamburglars on the kitchen staff who were apparently under very strict orders to allow NO ONE to eat ANYTHING after 9:30 EXACTLY.  I think I had the ladle *in my hand* when the dude ran off with the pot of oatmeal.  Zero smoothies, eggs, potatoes, burritos, fake sausage, nada, nothing, only a grim residue of yogurt and some bits of granola.  NOT EVEN CAFFEINATED COFFEE.  I tell you the new Google sucks.

Dickman will hear from us, oh yes.


On Dec 12, 2007 11:29 AM, Ksenya Gusak <> wrote:
one of the ride reports: THE EARLY CREW

a shuttle service of sorts:
at 5:52am i left my house
at 5:58am i picked up E&O at e-dub's house
at 6:03am we picked up misha at his house
at 6:15am we picked up maureen at the top of cortland...
and there you have it. no flats, no mechanicals, the only holdup was slowpoke me.
a beautiful dawn pre-6:30 over the bay.
yay for sf2g!

tomorrow 6:15 coffee 6:30 RRR.


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