Monday, December 17, 2007

12/14 NRLB Skyline 630am Peets or 715am John Daly Blvd. meetup

Trinh's Ride Report:

- 7 hearty riders headed out for what would be one of the coldest
rides I have ever experienced
- took John's safer, nicer detour around the 35/1 offramp/onramp
interchange of death
- Sawyer Camp Trail was the treat of the ride with temperatures
dipping down to 25 F
 in fact, temps didn't get above 30 F until we exited the trail
- the rest of the ride was mellow as we soaked in the scenery

Sean and I confirmed that breakfast at Cafe 14 on the Crit campus is
open until 1030. The place was still stocked with eggs, potatoes,
sausages, pastries, fresh fruit when we got there at 1020.

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