Friday, October 12, 2007

Re: FRI 630 RRR

Ride Report

At 5:30 I walked across the street to the park, and the dog and I both agreed it was pleasantly warm and perfectly dry enough to ride.  After dispensing some kibble, spandexing up I left the house in a mild drizzle.  As I sat at Ritual all alone, watching the rain get heavier and trying to remember the Valencia shuttle schedule, I got a text that SCrosby was "in if I was in".  "Dammit" we both declared as I wrote back "yes".

The rain was pretty relentless for the first two hours, despite the optimistic "accu"weather forecasts.  We opted for the Bayshore Direct route to the airport, which is theoretically shorter but full of puddle seeking trucks and lacking in general charm.  The angry sky softened around EPA, but a Satchmo cheeked cloud preceded us the entire three hour way somehow maintaining a steady headwind in all four directions.

With an average speed of only 14.1, it was one of my slowest Bayways in a long time.  My very tired body is very surprised to hear that, and would rather just focus on the good things: such as I'm warm and dry now, and the fact that it's donut Friday.  It definitely wasn't a miserable ride - I don't think I've ever been miserable on a bike - but it definitely was a good ride to finish.

 -- Ryan*PC

On Oct 11, 2007 8:13 PM, Ryan PC Gibson <> wrote:
looks like rain should hold off until 10 so i'm willing to risk a
sprinkle.  Rollout from ritual at 630 (dark be damned).   Anyone in?

-- ryanpc 

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