Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tues 11/18 bayway RRR 6:31

ride report: derrick, bc, the hobinator, and yours truly rolled at exactly 06:31:00 as specified. a garden-variety, plain-vanilla bike ride to work until it was discovered that, upon arrival at the san mateo dog park, elapsed time was 1:02. so then the usual hijinks ensued, as you'd expect. ~20.1mph/2:03, close but no dice. maybe some charts forthcoming via hobe's cycletracks dealy. taking tomorrow off. http://cycletracks.appspot.com/activity/public/agtjeWNsZXRyYWNrc3IZCxIEVXNlchgFDAsSCEFjdGl2aXR5GNEZDA

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Re: thurs 11/6 bayway RRR 07:00 sharp

Ride report: Yours truly, altendorf, hobinator and freshman rider matt ghering rolled out of ritual about 7:05, armed with steely determination to have a pleasant, uneventful ride. For almost 30 miles and within reach of the bridge to nowhere, we prevailed in our vanilla quest, but then without warning, matt was gone. Circling back, I found him on a forlorn, windswept stretch of path hard on the 101, looking dejectedly at his cool polished aluminum late-90s GT, fearing a date with a yellow minivan or a long walk to caltrain, and not without cause. soon enough the culprit was appparent: catastrophic derailer impalement upon the spinning spokes of death. the hanger was ripped clean in half, the ol' 8-speed 105 was demo'd, and the chain was actually bent/twisted 1/3 rotation longitudinally.

What to do? knowing hobe was well-equipped with supplies, I called eric, who was up the road a spell w/ hobe. eric returned with a chainbreaker, and we set about the macgyvering. The only conceivable solution: Field conversion to single-speed.

The pit crew thus deleted the stricken derailler, the superfluous shifter cable, 5 inches of chain, and the GT was reborn as a cool single-speeder and what do you know, we rolled in to G 11 miles later, all spinning a nice low gear like matt. some pics attached.

morals of the story: check your derailer travel limiter screw and bring a chainbreaker-equipped multi-tool. saved our bacon. -sc
On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 7:42 AM, Heather Whitney wrote:
oh my gosh -- so embarrassing So when I woke up this morning and saw Scott's email about riding at 7 I thought, "oh wow...I'll be running past Ritual like 15 minutes after 7... so if they are late (which seems feasible), I'll totally run past my bike homies!" So there I was running down Valencia and I saw a group of bikers right out side Ritual. At first I was like "slackers!! It's got to be past 7:15 at this point" -- but then I was overcome with excitement. So from about a block away I totally thought I saw Scott. So "Scott" and this tall girl were sort of looking at me as I ran up -- so what did I do? I had on this huge smile and was waving my hand like a crazy person. And then right when I got near them I let out a huge "Good morning!" right at the exact moment when I realized that was in fact not Scott... and in fact, I'd never seen these people before in my life! Thankfully they said "hey! Good morning!" back and then I ran away... :)
On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 6:04 AM, gherinm wrote:
What's the pace gonna be like? You up for having a newbie along?
On Nov 5, 10:34 pm, Ruth Emerson wrote: > late to this thread... but i'm planning to head down closer to 6:15 > tomorrow if anyone wants to go eaaarly. > > On Nov 5, 9:39 pm, "Daniel Hobe" wrote: > > > +0.5 depending on oncall tonight. > > > On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 9:03 PM, Scott Crosby wrote: > > > ok fine, I'll ride to work tomorrow, twist my arm. > > > > i got a 10am, so 7am should work. > > > > who's NOT in? I'm guessing about 400 of you will want to jump on this > > > opportunity, so just let me know if you're opting for the dreary, grim, > > > depressing 101 or bike-hostile caltrain instead of your bike, which seems > > > completely insane, but diff'rent strokes i guess... > > > > -sc
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