Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday 8/22 bayway NRLB

Nice job Lina!

Lorenzo, Julian, Derrick, and I managed a moderately-paced break away.
 Nowhere near the record, but we put up a ~19mph rolling average which
got me to Crittenden well in time for breakfast.

Also, this time I didn't crash, which made me happy.


On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 11:07 AM, Scott Crosby wrote:
> Glad you could make it Ed, we need more non-google people on this ride, i'm
> sick of them!  (i was on the orange steelman, btw)
> Ironically, i sold my small tivo holdings yesterday... gotta buy bike
> parts... anyway,
> Ride report:
> - ~19 riders roll out about 6:40, pretty on-time except for Euro elitists
> Stephan and Lorenzo, who insisted on double cappuccinos and leisurely
> sipping thereof
> - immediate flat suffered by Naveen "Machine" Viswanatha; "scalpel!" nurse
> services provided by yours truly as the pack rolled on
> - 2nd flat sustained at the airport by me, all flat-changing apparatus
> exhausted, hopes of catching the group dwindling
> - several more riders in two distinct factions join at millbrae (not
> witnessed by us lantern rouge types), bringing the total to ~26 i'm told
> - as a lifer domestique, I grind away like a farm animal while gamorous
> sprinter Machine coifs his mane in the draft
> - pack sighted and rejoined in foster city among the feral cats
> - elusive sean mcbride espied on the Redwood City bike path (now open!),
> volunteers to sweep millbraeites, pack picks up steam
> - jenna and i collide on bike path in a good-natured high-five of hips, no
> one worse for the wear
> - trinh the Agitator launches series of searing attacks, peloton caught
> unawares
> - kemler takes bayshore green jersey points, yet hungers not, and motors on
> to the ghettoplex @ 1300 charleston
> - leisurely breakfast had by all
> - toast made to the mighty endurance of Lina, who completed a 5-day,
> 250-mile sweep. and I drink some Gløgg to that!
> lina, you should put yourself on this page:
> -SC
> On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 10:35 AM, Ed wrote:
>> Hey it was nice meeting and riding with all of you (i'm the guy from
>> tivo) - and thanks for the great ride. I'll definitely be doing this
>> more often!
>> -ed
>> On Aug 22, 12:00 am, "Nathan Mehl" wrote:
>> > argh, belatedly: -1; a social engagement ran late tonight, and there's
>> > no
>> > way I'm going to be up early enough to do this.  Next week.
>> >
>> > -n
>> >
>> > On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 4:34 PM, Steven Cary  wrote:
>> > > +1
>> >
>> > > On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Scott Crosby
>> > > wrote:
>> >
>> > >> the summer is waning my feathered friends, and so I advise you in no
>> > >> uncertain terms to get the bike out before you need lights in the am.
>> > >> pretty soon the discussion threads will turn to high-intensity
>> > >> discharge,
>> > >> candlepower, lumens, and nimh vs. li-ion... and you know you shudder
>> > >> to
>> > >> think about that!
>> >
>> > >> - meet @ ritual roasters 6:20am
>> > >> - guzzle double shot
>> > >> - rollout at 6:30
>> > >> - carry-on and gallyvant down to G
>> > >> - eat breakfast
>> > >> - adjourn
>> > >> - possible partycar home
>> >
>> > >> who's in?
>> >
>> > >> NOTE FOR MILLBRAE TYPES:  aim to be at millbrae/old bayshore at 7:30.
>> > >>  we
>> > >> will probably be later than that, but better than the opposite.
>> > >>  recommend
>> > >> the 6:56 train from 24/m bart.
>> >
>> > >> -SC

Friday, August 15, 2008

Skyline Interrupted

My Skyline was punctuated by a puncture on 35 by the Olympic Golf Course. Unfortunately, my cry "flat" fell on deaf ears ahead of, thus stranding me sans pump. I remembered my spare tubular tire, but in switching bikes, I forgot to take my little repair bag.

Minutes later another cyclist stopped with C02 while I struggle to remove my tubular which was so tightly glued to the rim it seemed welded on. The good samaritan didn't want to wait, but did graciously leave his C02 behind allowing me to inflate my spare after spending a half an hour wrestling with the tubie. I made it to Daly City where the GF picked me up, whisked me home and then lent me her car to allow me to drive in.

The photos show the casing still attached to the rim as well as the new "step technique" developed on the fly allowing me to put on the spare tubie in record time.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fwd: 8/12 Sandor's Skyline Express 630 Peets


Here's the view from the back:

The night before I swapped out the battery in my HR monitor as I've
missing it and I know I've been running a bit hotter than I've
on some recent rides.  It probably won't stop me but at least I'll
just how for over I've gone.

Rolled out the door in Bernal about 6:37.  Later than intended and
foggier than
expected.  I was doing the math in my head as to how fast I'd have to
push to
make it to Great Highway by 7AM.  I was rolling down Sloat about 6:59
noticed a rider heading up Skyline, I hoped that was the last of the
group.  I could see the turnout up ahead and there was either a small
of riders gathered or maybe a sign.  It was a sign so I rode through,
through the much denser fog than was covering the mission and could
only make
out cars heading for me.  I remembered that solo rider and adjusted my
position from off the back of the fast group to off the back of the
peloton.  I headed back towards Skyline and was thinking I should try
catch them on the hills since once we got to the down or Sawyer Camp
progress would essentially be nil.  I was pushing up the hills and
to remember what they topped out at, squinting through the fog for any
of other bikes.  Finally 2 riders materialized out of the soupy
but instead of up ahead they came from behind.  Once they caught up I
recognized Space and Trinh.  I jumped on their wheel and hung for oh,
seconds before I realized the folly.  Then came another rider and
I started to hold his wheel and glancing down at my HR sanity was
and I went back to my own pace not wanting to start a bonk this early
in the
ride.  We regrouped up at the top of the hill and our numbers grew
from 4 to
maybe 9, the missing riders having been slowed by a flat tire.  Once
we set
off we were pretty cohesive.  There wasn't a lot of pacelining, pretty
everyone cruising down in a loose pack.  As we passed under trees the
condensation had made puddles and our tires were kicking up rooster
giving us a little taste of the road.  Once we got to Swayer Camp
Trail things
were fairly chill but moving at a good clip.  We exited and returned
the 280 on-ramp.  Things picked up a bit and we were buzzing around
corners.  I was having a conversation in my head trying to remember
the difference between early and late apex when I over cooked a corner
piled it in.  I bled off as much speed as I could before I hit dirt
kept it upright.  Then the dirt shoulder dropped into what was about a
foot or so ditch and I knew I was going down.  There was a fallen
I tried to not impale myself on but aside from that I just let the
endo happen.

Final count was popped lip, scratch on chin, some leg scrapes, hole in
warmers, off kilter front brake, off center rear wheel and my left
lever slipped over a bit.  Sore shoulder but no broken clavicles (yay!
time I endoed this was not the case).  Trinh stopped and rode with me
up to
the end of SCT.  From there Trinh turned off and my busted ass
rejoined the
group the TTT started but honestly my legs were pretty cooked and it
was all
I could to to hang on.  I finally dropped off the back at the point
my ODO indicated 30mi and I was happy to ride the rest solo.  Once I
through the intersection at Woodside I spotted the rest of the crew.
had feigned another flat but I know in my heart they were waiting up.
there 1 other rider dropped off and I followed his lead at about mile

All told my ride clocked in at 2:40 moving time, avg HR of 165 and
46.76 miles.

Fwd: 8/12 Sandor's Skyline Express 630 Peets

Not so much.  It was a solid effort, but mildly hampered by howling headwinds/rain/fog in SF, a couple of flats, Steve's faceplant on SCT, and a bit of miscommunication.  I didn't know that "TTT" meant "Trinh Time Trial", which means "surging off the front in an attempt to weaken by repeated accelerations the other riders".  Clearly Nils and Trinh are in league under the aegis of Team Bubble Up.

But I never make excuses for weak performance (much), so I have to chalk up the failure the wimpy riding by all but space, who gamely attempted to go as slow as the rest of us, but alas failed.


- 2:07:10 rolling time from sloat/GH
- 19.8mph rolling avg.
- ~50% attrition

with marius, nils himself, and some teamwork I think <2h is definitely possible (from sloat).


On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 10:54 AM, Michael Gaiman  wrote:

So... did you guys break the record?

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 5:17 PM, murphstahoe  wrote:
> EZ.
> If the leaders are taking the SCT, we take the freeway and rejoin the
> lead group on the south end of the SCT.... we'd need some sort of
> tweet to indicate peletonic progress...
> On Aug 11, 11:14 am, "Scott Crosby" wrote:
>> the problem here is that a space-marius-nils-trinh group would certainly be
>> faster than one that waited around for crosby+other nonclimbers, even with
>> the added help on the cañada-esque TTT sections.  so any record set would
>> only last until the climbers got organized and made another attempt...
>> -SC
>> On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:14 AM, Sandor Dornbush
>> > wrote:
>> > +1
>> > I guess I can not shirk off this one.  I am kind of afraid of who will turn
>> > out for this and hanging on to Scott, Julian and Space's wheel won't be as
>> > effective on Skyline.
>> > On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:09 AM, Nils Tikkanen  wrote:
>> >> +0.0, but good luck!  Sorry I won't be there to help. :(  If you're
>> >> doing Portola Valley, please do get a time offset for Sloat & Great
>> >> Highway.
>> >> -- Nils
>> >> On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 9:55 AM, Sean Dawson
>> >> wrote:
>> >> > +1
>> >> > On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 9:52 AM, Trinh
>> >> >> Who wants to help Sandor establish the SF2G Skyline benchmark? I don't
>> >> >> think there is an established record from Peets to Goog but a 2:15
>> >> >> rolling time seems like a good mark to shoot for.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fwd: 8/7 Bayway Racepace RRR 6:30 - One for the record books!

As penance for dropping off the back at San Carlos, John and I got
lost after the EPA
bike path and turned the wrong way on Embarcadero. This led us past a
dump and
onto an unpaved bike path section where we were joined by a member of
the Google
Cyclocross team on his brand new Ridley Cross bike. When we finally
rejoined the route
and hit Bayshore, we were passed by Kemler who was using his superior
route knowledge
and a cheeky run of a red light to leave us groveling OTB in our
bonked out state. Happily
John invited me into no-name where I could commisserate with Scott and
briefly congratulate
him on his accomplishments until I realized the full impact of the
wonder that is a
Google Cafeteria.

Final Stats:
1 ancient Clif Bar on the bridge to nowhere
3 scrambled eggs with various goodness
Apple Muffin
20 or so strawberries
20 or so grapes
OJ and water

You guys are living the dream.


8/7 Bayway Racepace RRR 6:30 - One for the record books!

From: Eric Cattell ☮
NOOOOOoooooo!   I liked having the record!  Congrats.  You might have just inspired me to try and ride to MV again ;-)

8/7 Bayway Racepace RRR 6:30 - One for the record books!

ride report:

Per Sandor's command, 8 SF2G gladiators convened at the colosseum (Ritual) today at 6:30, faced with the grim task of dethroning reigning team-time-trial champions Hobinator & Cattell on the mortal roads of the bayway.

Knowing nothing less than a 21+ mph average pace would challenge the 1:59:58 record, a fast pace was decreed from the start, and a rare paceline was observed on even Valencia.

As Trinh took the front, Kemler opted out early (despite good fitness), as the pace was inconsistent with his Tranquilo state of mind.  Trinh proceeded to throw down an unsustainable pace, knowing his services would cease in san mateo, and kept the average creeping ever upward.

Space & Julian then took over, churning out a disciplined 23-26mph over long stretches, and got up to 20mph average by millbrae.  The group split in two around foster city, but a Menchov-like slick-surface solo crash by yours truly (see attached) in the tight-left just after the 92 underpass enabled a regrouping, and the speed was increased to compensate for the delay.

Somewhere around the Holly/Whipple detour, the group shrank to 4, and the average peeked over 21 mph coyly, then recoiled in the confusion of the Bridge to Nowhere, which was extra loose and featured freshly applied redwood chips (ideal for road bikes).

Calculations revealed a new record was within reach, and speed ratcheted up again.  Tremendous leadouts by space and julian stretched the elastic but it didn't break, and at Charleston/Rengstorff, the clock stopped.  Final stats:

- 1:59:22 total rolling time - new record! (provisional)
- 21.2 mph rolling average
- 2 crashes (me and John, no significant injuries)
- 4 riders at the end
- 8:50 arrival time, ~2:07 actual elapsed time ritual->G
- wind: 3mph NW (per - mildly favorable
- riders: space, trinh, murph, john, kemler, sandor, julian, yours truly

nice work dudes!



I am moving out of the city and I want to set personal records for
both bayway and skyline.  I'm going to start with bayway this week and
probably do Skyline the following week.  I have already gotten Trinh
to agree to set the pace/break but I think he will not make it all the
way.  His endurance has really gone down recently ;-)  Scott said he
wants to break the all time record of 1:59:58 but said something about
not being able to do it alone.  I think he needed some help pedaling
his bike.  Space also commited to the ride though I am not sure if
that was skyline and bayway or just skyline.

The pace will be fast.  People will get dropped.

So who wants to set a new course record Thursday morning?
[I'd like to do it earlier but I have to recover from the marathon yesterday.]


I'm planning on being there, we need Hobe and Sean Dawson. I'll
actually go to Google and take my pulls if you guys can sneak me into
the cafeteria - and if we do a general regroupment after Cortland and
San Bruno to make sure all the roulers are in place.

We will need to decide how to address the San Carlos section - do we
take Veterans to Maple or do we cross at Whipple and go over the
bridge allowing Sandor one last bridge to nowhere run.
I'll be there, definitely.  By the way, taking Maple these days is soooo slow with all the lights.  It's gotta be whipple to have a good shot at the record.  Sandor, when do you leave?  If you could delay the bayway attempt until the bike path has reopened, and Marius and wickman et al can go, it might be better.



    I'll be there, definitely.  By the way, taking Maple these days is soooo slow with all the lights.  It's gotta be whipple to have a good shot at the record.  Sandor, when do you leave?  If you could delay the bayway attempt until the bike path has reopened, and Marius and wickman et al can go, it might be better.

 I am leaving at the end of the month.  Unfortunately I may only get two more sf2g's in.  There will also a racepace skyline.  I know that is more Maruis' style so we should get him and some of the other's out for that.  I think Hobe is out.  I saw his status this morning said Dublin or someother faraway site.

I am open to other routes, but this one does not look like too much fun, a lot of time on Camino Real.  I guess I would rather do a good time on the std bayway and not break the reccord than to try to cheat for a good time by going a short cut.  I actually have not done the San Carlos since the closure.  I will have to punt to someone who has done bayway recently on the best way through that.


            yeah the detour is an issue, as it's kinda hectic going over holly overpass and getting squashed by an SUV is a high price to pay for the record.  there's also quite a bit of traffic in general on the detour.  we could try for the as-yet unset "bayway while the water main is being replaced in redwood city" record ;)

    but it might be best to try this after aug. 15(?) when the old route is back in force.  bonus: hobinator and m3 will be available.