Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Re: Full Bayway Route this Wednesday, Sept 19th?

Ride report:

Hello tailwind!

Despite dire warnings of hurricane systems moving into the bay (which frightened off more than one rider named Brett), a record group for a wednesday of 11 riders set out about 6:40 from Ritual via my house (floor pump, Ritual's is gone) to intrepidly attack the bayway and its mighty winds of doom.

But when your heart is pure you get green lights, parking spaces, and 20mph+ tailwinds, and we got near-ideal wind for most of the ride, enabling all 11 riders to stay together and clock 24mph for extended sections with little effort. Later, on the goose guano TT course, David Zabriskie (aka Sean O'Brien) set a blistering and sustained 30.6mph *average* over 2-odd miles, splitting the field, which regrouped slightly later. I believe this is also a record, for that section at least. Goes to show it's the bike (Moots), not the rider!

Took a few photos on the way... note this is a medley of several trips.


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