Thursday, March 27, 2008

630am Peets Skyline 3/27/08

Ride Report:

- 7 riders (1 gear marius, othman, chris, space, new rider michael,
jen, and me) left from the cold, cold city
- marius attacked the skyline hill with gusto almost making it to the
top solo before chris and space joined him near the summit
- fast ride all the way to canada where we met PC and Ron (?)
- faster ride on the canada tt and i am pretty sure we were near our
all time best for those 4 hard miles
- michael and jen rolled on to menlo park while the rest of us took
the portola loop
- there was a brief quiet spell before we hammered through the loop
- rolled into Goog just in time for hot chocolate and oatmeal
- Sadly, this was Chris' swan song ride to the Goog. We'll all miss
drafting behind you.
- It was great riding with you and we'll see you on the road again
just not to MV.

On Mar 26, 11:30 am, fournierjerome  wrote:
> Hi Trinh , nice to hear from your optimistic mail,
> I might be to ride for a last one fun with you guys next week ,may
> be ? Currently packing...and the twi Orbea bikes are in the middle
> surended by all these moving boxes:-)
> very tempting though.....Have a safe ride tomorrow ,Cheers Jerome.
> jerome

> On Mar 26, 2008, at 10:26 AM, Trinh wrote:
> > anyone wanna ride?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fwd: First time / single speed

Awesome cycle this morning -- my first SF2G! Thanks to everyone who
showed me the way. I'm hooked.

GPS Track here:

- seeing the city at dusk
- feral cats around tidelands park
- canada geese
- 3 747s
- cycling through clouds of tiny insects
- not being rained on
- wind at our backs
- not holding anyone up
- getting to work in time for my 10am meeting

I lost my back light, but I found someone else's -- is it one of yours?

And can someone describe the various hand signals we use?


On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 9:17 PM, Trinh
>  +1 will have to break the spirit of the day by going geared
>  On Mar 13, 8:37 pm, "Brian Wickman"
>  > 6:30AM rollout.  Ritual Roasters between 21st & 22nd on Valencia.  Advise to
>  > arrive 10 minutes early in order to absorb a macchiato, though the last few
>  > rollouts have been late.
>  >
>  > ~brian
>  >

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Re: RRR 03/05 0630

ride report:

Osmond and his tandoori went awol, but were replaced by the wily Topher, who gave us the honor and rare privilege of personally leading us thru his namesake Topher's Twin-Dolphin Twist (TTT), which replaces the vomitous trash&diesel-fume road to san mateo airport.  joining were altendizzorf, marius3, bcizzle, and yours truly, as well as an all-vintage chap from tahoe on a cool orange Merckx and pre-co-opted-by-the-gay-movement rainbow-festooned Spectrum Cycles jersey.  marius served him a traditional viking hors d'oeuvre of 25mph leadout thru the foster city perimeter, which seemed to sate his hunger for punishment.

greeted with the usual passive-aggressive "sorry you missed breakfast (sucker!)" signs at no-name, but feasted nonetheless.


On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 11:38 PM, Andreux Fort <> wrote:
yes, I'm a pussy.  but also a pussy without a road bike, so I sure as
hell ain't riding tomorrow! :/

On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 11:28 PM, Eric Altendorf <> wrote:
> Shifter troubles?  Set your derailleur stops and ride 1speed.  No
>  pussy excuses here Andreux...can't wait to ride w you again.
>  Eric
>  Sent from my blackberry over beer at cafĂ© revolution
>  On 3/4/08, Andreux Fort <> wrote:
>  >
>  > On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Scott Crosby <> wrote:
>  > > SF2G: so for tomorrow 3/5, to paraphrase Lionel Ritchie, we're eeeaaa-say,
>  > > easy like Sunday mornin', yeaaaahhhhh...
>  >
>  > Giancolo Campagnolo has been out making, and then drinking, Limoncello
>  > and still hasn't fixed my bloody shifter, so I'm out, unless you want
>  > to really take it easy (read: a 4 hour blistering pace).
>  >
>  > However, it's in the shop and Mr. Campy is in the shop hitting it with
>  > a learning device (aka hammer), so with any luck I'll be out
>  > complaining about my legs this Friday morning!~
>  >
>  > Given I'm all out of italian jokes and already fear the wrath
>  > o'lorenzo, I'm out.
>  >
>  > Actually, P.S. Re the Italian jokes, truly I jest: I did meet this old
>  > Italian guy who tuned Lamborghinis (almost exclusively).    I was
>  > encouraged to go visit him (he was my engine tuner back when I had
>  > approximately almost enough money for a smokey 1712cc boxer-4 that
>  > Alfa Romeo laughably put in an rusty but amazing handling car) one
>  > morning about 6am.  There he is, tuning the 6 carburetors on the Lambo
>  > Miura V12 engine by hand, with his ear hovering over the inlet
>  > manifold, listening to the induction and exhaust growls of the carbs
>  > going in and out of phase with each other.  I don't know about you,
>  > but I have enough trouble keeping 2 or 3 signals (like turntables) in
>  > phase lock, let alone 6.  That he lived in the hills and test-drove
>  > exclusively before 7 AM, when the air was crisp (adds horsepower) and
>  > traffic was non-existant made it even more of a pleasure to hear those
>  > noises.
>  >
>  > But yeah, cars suck.  Ride your bike!
>  >
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Andreux Fort (
I'm riding in AIDS/Lifecycle to support sufferers of HIV/AIDS.  You can help:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3/4 Skyline 630am Peets

Ride Report:

- Met up with Lorenzo at Skyline and John Daly where I realized I got
a flat on the climb up. 4th flat on the Panracer tire in less than 250
- Fixed my tire and Eric H. showed up just in time to roll out, he
flatted coming from the Mission
- The 3 of us started to climb Skyline when Eric flatted again not 2
minutes into the climb
- After a quick change we were off to meet Ryan at 92/Canada
- SCT was pleasantly cool and green
- Met Ryan on the descent down to the 92 intersection
- The 4 of us rolled through Canada Rd but our paceline was messy, not
our fastest 4 miles
- Even with the flats we took the Portola Loop
- Ryan and Eric set the agenda for the rest of the ride and Lorenzo
was following with ease
- However, their pace put me in the hurt locker and they threw away
the key - I was happy just to keep them in my line of sight
- Rolled into Goog at 10 am under beautiful weather, in fact, the
entire ride was beautiful

On Mar 4, 12:30 am, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
> Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
> >> Anyone want to ride? Moderate pace, will meet missionites at the usual
> >> skyline stop.
> > I'm in from Mission. Ritual+John Daly at 0715?
> Skyline + John Daly, of course...
> Cheers,
> Lorenzo