Friday, September 14, 2007

SF2G Bayway / Fri 9.14 6:30 RRR / NRLB

Ride Report
  • 13 riders in the Cat2-5 group from SF, preceded by 3 riders in the Cat1 (aka "I've-got-a-9am-meeting") group.
  • Trinh the Merciful did a super job of sweeping.  For the first half the group kept together with frequent regroups.  After Seal Point, the main pack split off and a few of us hung back.  Around Oracle, Topher, Scrosby and I had lost sight of both the autobus and the peleton so redoubled our efforts and closed down the gap over the eight miles before Sun.
  • Sounds like there was one mechanical that delayed the group nought due to clever course rerouting.
  • Congrats Sandor on his first SF2G, and congrats to scrosby on his 5x week.
-- Ryan*PC

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