Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5d5w #3: Calaveras Way, continued

+1 to this being a great route. Thanks to Murph for leading. I'd happily ride this again, especially when I gain some climbing form (another longer than 200 meters and/or 5% grade is killing me right now).



I was disappointed by the traffic on Foothill. Pleasanton has grown
South since I first started riding this/similar routes and there is
more housing along the Northern part of Foothill, and 680 is more
congested. You saw how traffic was backed up at the intersection just
outside Sunol - that is people who have been on 680 who are now going
to take 84 down Niles Canyon to Fremont. Since 680 backs up and the 84
exit off 680 backs up real bad, the Pleasantonians are now using
Foothill as a "back road" to 84. There is a parallel road called
"Pleasanton-Sunol" on the Southern half of Foothill, I've never ridden
it. Rather than testing it out I'll ask around. Of course, last time
there was substantially less traffic - could be that 680 was
particularly screwed up and we got bailout traffic.

Foothill used to really be the bomb - no traffic at all. Of course I
usually rode it at 10 AM on a Saturday, not 7:45 AM on a weekday.

But from the gravel pits to Felter Road I counted 1 car and 2 non-SF2G
cyclists in 10 miles or so. Word.


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