Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5d5w #2: Grande Baywaye(R) - tues. 11/16 06:25 RRR style II

Alrighty, time for day 2, the legendary, rarely(ever?)-ridden Grande Baywaye®.

Tomorrow's ride is to be led by our own Brett Lider, founder of the Bayway, East Bayway, and Far East Bayway, among others.  

The basic idea is to ride as much bayway as possible, including several parts that make the ride longer for scenery's sake.  Thus the early departure.  Total distance, I would estimate, will be ~55 miles.

I'll let Brett fill in the details, but this will be a fun exploration mission, so try to have clear calendars until at least 10am.  the good news is you can bail at many points if you need to get to a meeting, etc.

oh, and MG, we are not going to do MSB/Radio Rd. for the sake of saving legs for wed/thurs, time considerations, and philosophical reasons.




That was sweet - perfect day for it too. Who knew plain ol' bayway could be that epic?



yeah that had some really great parts, good times.  the Maxxis Detonators lived up to their names, detonating twice, so they will be retired tonight, thanks for the extra tube Judd.

I think we rode about 30% of the total number of side trips out along the bay. Maybe one day we can organize a Super Bayway for those :)


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