Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10 Bayway 6:45 RRR

Steel cut oats cooked in a crock pot overnight are awesome and made it easier to wake up when the alarm went off this AM.  I rolled out of bed, checked mail, saw everyone was bailing on the ride, checked the windows for rain and wondered what people knew that I didn't.  phone beeped and Kristine also -1'd, apparently she caught Hobe fever given the early hour.  It was a bit un-Hobe like to call a ride for earlier than 7 afterall.  That probably should have been the first sign he wouldn't be showing.

I was hoping to intercept peoples around the time they got to Cortland but left the house a bit too early to catch at Cortland and didn't think I had enough time for Sandbox so skipped pastries today in favor of seeing some dudes on bikes.  Cruised down Mission to Valencia and weirdly saw no other riders, I don't know that I've ever ridden that way and not seen anyone on a bike, freaky.  Got to Ritual and was sure I'd see it empty of life but instead found Trinh, Scott, Ted and Nils having a civilized conversation.  There was uncivilized talk about abandoning Colma way in favor of vanilla Bayway since our fearless ride-author was not to be found but eventually out of a sense of duty or hatrid of teh Cortland hurl we opted for Cemetery way.

The ride was mellow as called, no real sprints, we stayed together, exchanging a warmed up Trinh for a cold LeBaron at midway.  BTN was bypassed, Nils was flossing with his deep dish 808's in full effect.  Rain sprinkled, bugs were massacred and all was good with the world.  Let's do it again soon.


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