Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5d5w #3: Calaveras Way

New, official thread.

Meet at 24th/Mission BART by ~6:10, to get on the Dublin/Pleasanton
train departing at 6:15. Arrives Dublin at 7:07. Caffeinate/feed
beforehand - no eating/drinking on BART - take a nap or watch the

Route is BART->(R)Owens->(L)Hopyard->(R)Las Positas->(L)Foothill-
>(L)Kilkare->(L)Main->(L)84-SINGLEFILE->(S)Calaveras->Regroup at top
of 1.5 mile climb->(S)Calaveras->(R)Calaveras at Felter-Fast Descent-
>(R)Evans-becomes Jacklin->(R)Milpitas->(L)Dixon Landing- cross 880-
>(L)Sidewalk of McCarthy=BikePath->(L)Zanker-cross237->(R)Holger-
>(R)First-cross 237->(L)Gold->(R)Bike Path just past Gold Connector-
>(R)Carribean-(R)Levee Trail = Dirt->(L)Bay Trail - whip U-turn after
gate then left on Bay Trail Keep following fire road like trail to
gate then left on Steven's Creek Trail->(R) Crittenden->(L)Shoreline-

If you want to go but don't like dirt roads, you can take San Tomas
Creek Trail at Gold to Walsh/Kifer/Evelyn to Steven's Creek Trail to

Last time I had 2:49 elapsed time to Nvidia, Google would be ~3 hours.
We rode a brisk pace but waited for a regroup and then fixed a flat. I
show 1,669 feet of climbing - for comparison Skyline is more like 2800
feet - this is easier than Skyline because there is a lot less rolling
terrain and we actually end up at a lower elevation than we start. The
one climb is 2.8 miles but it's a 3.8% grade - very similar to the
Skyline climb out of the city. So if we have a mixed group then No-
name breakfast will be a stretch, but hey.

The riding is very pleasant. There can be a little traffic on the
North half of Foothill and the 84 section is a bit nervy. The Milpitas
section has a big ass (TM) bike lane and is more mellow than most of
Bayway, except we get to do the 880 overpass which is marked for bikes
but always a bit strange. Other than that, it's either long obscure
roads with no traffic, or bike paths. Give it a shot.


Stellar ride today, guys!  Perfect (if a bit chilly at the beginning) day for stellar views and a fun descent / fun dirt.

-- thorpej


Epic, beautiful, and the kind of climb I almost enjoy -- 3% grade, curvy, great views.  Surprisingly only 45 miles, seemed like 60.

and the dirt trails behind NASA were super cool with perfect hardpack aggregate.

nice ride, we'll have to do it again sometime.


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