Friday, December 17, 2010

12/14 Style 2 Bayway, 6:45am @ RRR

Sorry we lost you, Peter. We should've stayed to proffer you tubes.

Otherwise, fantastic ride today. Somehow, without any conscious effort, I've been 5 weeks off the bike (Barway exempted). With a week of travel and nearly a week of Thanksgiving, I'm amazed how easily the time slipped by.

Even in that short time, I feel everything—mind and body—has reset. I woke up with absolutely no idea why my alarm was going off so early. Yet somehow after the second snooze push, I dragged myself up. Fuelled up with my free $5.75 Ritual coffee (thanks, "Heavy Drinker" card), I was feeling pretty good setting into the rain. Danny and I were the only 6:30 holdouts, so we upgraded to the 6:45. We were by no means pushing it today. Definitely on the relaxed/slow end of Style II. We had a few rain/cross bikes in the mix, and everyone was chill. Still, by the time we hit Gateway, I was really feeling it... heart rate up, legs unhappy. We took SFO easy, and I got my second wind after that, and from Airport all the way to the Wailing Wall, I was fine. We'd even picked up some South Bay stranger named Julian by then... :)

Then, thinking my body had finally come to its senses, I tried for a pull on the Sun Sprint. Eh... not so much. Lasted about 10 seconds and fell back off the pack, utterly unable to sustain the required measly 21mph for even a second.

So, it looks like I have a good bit more riding to get in before I'm back to speed, ... a few weeks off really sets you back. But damn does it feel really really (really!) good to be back on a bike after a break! SF2G how I've missed you!


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