Monday, November 15, 2010

5d5w III #1: Joe Gross

so that was Joe Gross.  fun in parts, right?  sucky in others, tons of stops/starts/traffic.  the seedy spine of the peninsula, as MG said.  the not-as-glorious Route 66 of the peninsula says I... semi-forgotten, lost in time, left by the wayside by the newfangled 101.

anyone take pictures?  I forgot... or maybe there were no inspiring vistas, other than the somewhat beautiful cemeteries in colma.

my garmin showed a tranquilo average of 16.4, which isn't bad considering the million signals we stopped at.  strava of course differs.

cool, 20% done with 5d5w!

ps - nice recovery by Matt at the Garcia turn -- he clipped a pedal and very nearly sailed into a parked car at high speed, taking me with him. that would have been something.



was awesome ride down peeps.  a pretty chill pace with a few pickups, but definitely shy of sprints.  very conversational and fun.  more please!


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