Monday, October 6, 2008

UPDATE 2: 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge, Oct. 6-10 2008

This just in:

13 conquering commuter commandos today vanquished Day 1 of the mighty 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge, a full 20% of the mission (by some measuring techniques).

Victors over the roads of the peninsula included altendorf, marius, wickman, jacob, murph, yuko, heather, lorenzo, hobe, jim, steve, trek-with-rack-guy (sorry, i'm really bad w/ names) and yours truly

A moderately glorious ride overall, with the most notable feature being a battle that we witnessed the aftermath of between a semi and a caltrain... guess who won.

Some photos, including semi-vs.-train...

Day 2 will be a standard Bayway.  see you at Ritual, 6:30 yo!


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