Friday, October 31, 2008

10/31: Rainy Bayway 630 RRR


Ankle injury acting up again :-(


ride report: sean, ed, mike, tivo HD kit guy (sorry didn't catch your handle), and yours truly met in the predawn blackness at ritual and, donning rain capes, set out to conquer the elements.  unexpectedly, an unknown rider emerged from the gloom of cortland and joined our skulking retinue; fearing the presence of a highlighter-toned wraith, I timidly inquired of the apparition what manner of spirit it was, but instead of inflicting greivous wounds upon me, the answer came a cheerful "Hi, I'm Ruth from Stanford!"  This good witch of the Castro summoned another rider on the unlit, rainswept corner of Paul/San Bruno, who turned out to be another Stanfordian wisely mounted on a 'cross bike, and whose name was something exotic, perhaps of the Steppes of the Caucasus, starting with an S.

sheets of rain and mighty unabating headwinds assaulted us relentlessly, but we carried on in grim defiance, unmoved.  the 'cross section was particularly noteworthy today, as it received just enough rain to form a new type of supergoopy gluelike substance, which resisted all streams and jets of water from the hose following the bridge to nowhere.  Recommendation: bring the 'cross bike w/ knobbies next time, as traction is limited.

mud-faced yours truly attached.


I had every intention of nailing the CX section, but my wheels
instantly jammed from mud buildup.  Oh, also, speedplay pedals are not
an ideal CX pedal...


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