Friday, October 10, 2008

UPDATE 6 - Half-Moon Bayway: 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge, Oct. 6-10 2008


Full ride report coming, but for now, since it's hard upon beer-o-clock, this must suffice:

6 powerful riders of the apocalypse have conquered all known roads of SF2G and have rightly claimed Triumph in their Olympian, titanic battle.  They are:

altendorf, heather, yuko, jim morrison, marius3, and yours truly.  in addition, 3 worthy gladiators joined for the final, most taxing conquest: kemler, lorenzo, and wickman (othman joined for about 5 miles)

Summary and photos:

note to riders: I propose this agenda for this afternoon:

- 4:30: TGIF (social) w/ many, many beers and some band
- 6:37: caltrain bullet to 22nd st., thence to Bender's @ s. van ness/19th

at last, rest cometh!


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