Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9/24 Bayway 6:20ish departure RRR

Ride report:
An unnatural team of rivals consisting of otherwise sworn-enemies Palm, Google, and LinkedIn convened at Ritual for today's Rogering of the peninsula, and a swashbuckling time was had by all. Pictures do not lie:
talented trick-rider Cory swills some Ritual in the pre-dawn darkness of Valencia...
A rare appearance by Phillippe the Frenchman
Brett sports unholy alliance of green/nuke colors while pointing out road hazard ahead.
[Cory] We are aiming to leave at 6:20a from RR so us LinkedIners will have time to eat at the Google cafeteria. Scott brags nonstop about his breakfast burritos so it's about time I see if Scott is full of sh*t or if he speaks the truth. What do you all general, is Scott full of crap?? :-)

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Unknown said...

I snuck some Baileys in my coffee which is why I had to have every last drop!