Thursday, October 9, 2008

UPDATE 5 -- Skyline: 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge, Oct. 6-10 2008


at six thirty meet
pedalling with great élan
a perfect skyline!*

* Today's ride was the great classic: Skyline. Of unknown origin but perfected by generations of SF2G riders, the route yields many a fruit for its various labors. A warmup climb is followed by delicious flora, and appetite-enhancing fauna (Eric and Scott find delight, I'm sure, in the aforementioned flora). It is concluded by the legendary Cañada team time trial before warming down on the Portola loop.

With 13 caffeinated comrades, the convoy was assembled. Great relief was sensed in the 6 saddle-sore 5d5w contenders when Space, the harbinger of great pain and voluminous lactic acid, promised a dimished yield due to "training for a marathon" and "had a really bad run yesterday."

The group swiftly and skillfully negotiated the exchange of kinetic and potential energy on the approach to Daly City. Heather, previously apprehensive, is now more agreeable with this aspect of Leibniz' work.

Thereafter, the convoy split into several cohesive units. These are stealthier, but also less harmful to the elderly wanderers on the miscellaneous trails that comprise this part of Skyline.

With great authority and contrary to his claims of dimished capacities, Space appropriated pain and suffering to the various crazies that followed him on Cañada. The team time trial was concluded by a final sprint, where Scott employed his famed slingshot maneuver to finish in front.

As a special treat, Space revealed the etymology of his name. This will remain a Skyline legend, inaccessible to those who choose to participate merely by email.

altendorf^, marius^, heather^, yuko^, jim morrison^, scrosby^, space, dave, trinh*, andy, hobe, sean, tivo ed

^ 5d5w contender as of this ride * unrelenting climber-of-skyline, and also terminates in san mateo

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