Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fwd: Take 5... Millbways (friday 11/17)

classic from the past... since no one is riding in this bitter cold
Stage V of the Millbway No Rider Left Behind Unless He Gets 3 Or More
Flats Classic will depart 24/m bart on the 7:07 and millbrae at 7:40.

This stage will be tailored to medium-pokes and their more sluggish
brethren, which will be enforced by a stirring acapella rendition of
Foghat's immortal classic Slow Ride (Take It Easy), sung on repeat
mode, by Ryan Pulchritudinous Crooner Gibson. Ladies, you won't want
to miss that.


Ryan has agreed to these terms as penance for getting ELO's prog-
disco abomination Strange Magic stuck in my head today, even though
he had not been provoked in any way.

and with that, gentlefolk, I bid you a gluttonous and slothful next

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