Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Re: 5D5W: 9/16 Grand Bayway(R) 6:30 RRR

Lider lollipop?

2009/9/16 Scott Crosby <>:
> ride report:
> arriving as I did at Ritual in the predawn blackness @ 06:20 to find it
> utterly empty, I at once feared I'd gone to the wrong coffee place.  so I
> ordered an elaborate Clover-made Kenya AA and took my sweet time going over
> the fine points of their sustainable farming practices and roasting.  mmmm.
> anyway, while that was brewing, a swarming hive of riders appeared all at
> once in a mighty torrent, and soon 21 spandexed gladiators jammed the place
> to the gills.  one nameless rider even had the temerity to order a drink at
> 06:35, take it to go, and show everyone how to drink it while riding,
> perform a spectacular endo, fly over the bars, and end up standing/grinning,
> coffee unspilled.  do not try that at home!
> that drama subsided, we made our way down Mission and up the usual Guadalupe
> Canyon road toward the MSB summit.  like clockwork, the powerful M. Gaiman
> launched his attack, and held off his pursuers to the zenith.  frustrated
> and vexed, xton, mark, and ariel launched a rival attack up Radio Rd.
> without waiting for any argument on the subject.
> having never ridden RR, I was personally delighted by the misty,
> fog-shrouded forest, which rained giant drops upon us, and found the
> pavement and grade very satisfactory.
> the view was obscured by swirling mists and fogs, but it was still awesome
> and much recommended.
> the next variation, the burlingame lagoon, was pleasant and sunny, and that
> would have been that if Lorenzo had not attempted a difficult power-slide at
> the bridge entrance, which resulted in wreckage of man & machine.  rear
> wheel destroyed by spoke pulling thru the rim bed, he carried on to a local
> shuttle stop and was checked off as a casualty of the road.
> next was coyote point, which was universally hailed as lovely and
> philosophical.  no wrecks.
> 2 variations were skipped in the interest of time: the san mateo hill detour
> of kinetic sculptures, and the Lider Lollipop.  another day.
> total miles: 50 even.  time: 3 hrs. riding.
> side note: for the 3rd day in a row, another challenged raged -- could Space
> actually bake *another* breakfast treat, even more delicious than the last?
>  the vegas oddsmakers had it at 7:1, considering the
> banana-espresso-chocolate muffins of tuesday, but incredibly this feat was
> accomplished, and today's treats were ravaged well before ride's end.
>  again, all who failed to attend should throw themselves from a bridge and
> end it all, since your lives are unworth living.
> -sc
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