Monday, September 14, 2009

5D5W: 9/14 Joe Gross 6:30 RRR

ride report:

15 riders besieged an unsuspecting ritual barista team at 06:25.
space provided stupidly delicious chocolate-chip-cookie-brownies
("blondies", or so i'm told) AND home-made Warp 9 bars. again, all
not present are suckas who missed out.

today's route being the venerable yet rarely invoked Joe Gross, we
went that way. it kind of sucked in its inimitable fashion - millions
of red lights, glass hither and thither, and some flats. yet it still
charmed in spots - the pleasant cemetery tour in colma, the bucolic
atherton->PA zigzag, the 101 bridge chicanes/skills course (slippery!)

notable among the riders was shoumen on his
single-speed/coasterbrake-equipped Dahon folding bike w/ 20" wheels...
which is the very same he won at BFF at the Roxie not long ago.
somehow he rode over 20mph on that thing on several occasions.

a congenial ride in sum, despite a case or two of the mondays.


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