Monday, August 31, 2009

28/8 6:30 RRR?

Ride report:

I texted a few numbers around 6:00 saying the ride was on for 6:20 from Ritual.

I rolled out of my house at the ungodly hour of 6:28. I thought I might have spied a helmet but no, it was far too early for that I told myself. I parked over at Martha's and after a little squabble with a cabbie (who didn't understand the concept of parallel parking) a lone rider appeared. He rolled on by saying he was trying to catch the early group. I consoled myself thinking that Matt must have convinced a person or two to head out at his proposed unsane time. Another 10 minutes or so brought Theo who said Ritual was devoid of sf2g peeps. We went on a mission to catch the group pushing a solid 20-25MPH pace past the Bayshore Caltrain station and around to the hotels. About that time we noticed the helicopters in the sky and I explained my disbelief in such things. Traffic was kinda heavy but slow as we passed Amgen. We turned onto Gateway and the po-po were out in force. Every driveway had police scowling at anyone who thought about pulling in and the truckstops/coffee shops/gas station/IHOP parking lots were full of people hanging out with their cars. We assumed dude with a gun or bomb threat, how could we have known it was a leaky sausage plant!?

Theo and I managed to avoid the poison gas cloud and continued our pursuit through SFO and decided rather than ride the scraped pavement section of fail we'd take the detour around along the lagoon and come out better for it. Right around this time we also both caught sight of the group of riders or an amazingly lifelike mirage of a group of riders. We figured we'd cut em off and our hands would be much less jarred than theirs before coyote point. Yeh, that was the plan until on the last turn as we were about to leave the lagoon Theo went down on a little patch of wet green stuff growing out of/on the sidewalk. He seemed ok but need a few minutes to recover and we were on our way again. We caught the group at the rest stop tho Matt was long gone. the rest of the ride was at a much more chillaxed pace with no one to chase down we settled into cruising speed calling out all poles extra careful for the sake of Adam. cars stopped on Gateway:

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