Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Skyline 5 Aug, Peet's 6:30 rollout

ride report, or "oops i got lost":

for a second i was happy my alarm rang since i was dreaming i was in an annoying conversation and thought the alarm was a great excuse to finish that conversation. then i realized it meant i had to get up and that didn't sound like a good idea. i arrived late at peet's and jim, mark, marius, and bret were already there. i made them wait even longer while i ate a croissant and drank some coffee and bitched about work. stupid work. we headed out late and despite being really frustrated with work i was being slow - you'd think frustration would make me go faster but apparently not today. sorry for being so slow today, guys! mark took off at the start of SCT, we lost bret and marius at the end of SCT, and jim and i went on. i was being so lame i couldn't even hang on to jim's wheel on canada. i had suggested a couple of detours to jim, but he needed to get to work. i knew there's some road called olive something or other shooting off canada but i didn't know where it went so i figured i could find out. it went to albion ave! that seemed awesome since i just moved to albion st. then it went to some other road and then it went to some other road that was called king's mtn road. i was still pissed at work and decided there was only one way to fix this, if the normal skyline ride wasn't enough. so i went up. up up up. yay up! and then i started to feel less frustrated and think about constructive ways to fix the work situation. then i went up some more and reached skyline. it was kind of nice to see the tunitas creek sign even though i didn't get to ride the actual road. it's just that i have a crush on tunitas. it was, after all, on tunitas that i first realized i love climbing. then i went up a little bit more on skyline. then i went down a bit on skyline and there was a pretty nice but short descent. since the portola valley loop is pretty sucky when you're alone and tired i decided i'd rather go to page mill than 84, and then i could avoid the portola valley loop. turns out it's really far from king's mtn road to page mill! like 13 miles apparently, on very rolly rollers. i didn't mind! i've seen lots of dead deer on the side of the road on my bike rides. i saw one on the side of foothill yesterday. up on the ridge i saw one that was just a skeleton by now! i haven't seen that before. i think that's the best roadkill i've seen so far. eventually i reached page mill and it was awesome. nice descent. well, it was awesome until the road was suddenly full of people walking all over. and not only were they people, they were soldiers. with rifles! i did not approve. but i didn't hit any of them despite them walking in the middle of my lane, which is good, because they probably would've shot me if i'd hit them. instead they all smiled and said hi but i find it challenging to smile around rifles. they were soon gone though and the rest of the descent was good. i now feel like a real person again and i'm much more pleasant to be around, which my co-workers should appreciate despite my late arrival. yay cycling!

  • distance: 65.88 miles
  • average speed: 14.9 mph
  • deer skeleton sightings: 1


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