Thursday, March 26, 2009

thurs 3/26 bayway COYOTE POINT VARIATION 6:25 RRR

ride report:
drained of reasonable riders by the rival skyline summons, a diminutive bayway band of 3 departed ritual at 6:40 with malevolent disposition, and the zeitgeist devolved in minutes to one of displeasurable fastness, tho no words be spoken.
as early as cortland, drew "the cows*" sherwood and thEPO laid down a blistering attack, while I wondered off the back what happened to the theo I used to know.
arriving at the coyote point bike path juncture, it was observed that a time of around 1 hour flat for the san mateo pitstop was within reach, but the grim train of riders would not deviate from the mission, and upon entering the coyote point diversion, a calm, zenlike, and not unwelcome tranquility descended upon the riders as the unknown scenery of lost beaches and forlorn orange cliffs came dramatically into view.  see attached.
back on the usual course, thEPO graciously added feral cat circumnavigation to his commute and pulled at 24-26mph for pretty much the entire way to oracle, whereupon he peeled off for foster city.  the cows then took over until blomquist/seaport, and so I figured my leadout was exhausted, but no, there was Another.  dude from Sun rolled up, with a pretty cool "8am Riders" team kit, which means there is a peninsula commuting gang that beat us to the punch on kits.  lame! (us).  not to be trifled with, he pulled me smartly along at 25mph until Sun, at which time a respite was welcome.
shocked the incredulous chefs with my 9:07 arrival, and I think they started reflexively hiding the food.
great ride gents.
*cuz those ain't calves
On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 11:10 PM, Theo Cummings wrote:
+1 -Theo
On Mar 25, 2009, at 8:35 PM, Drew Sherwood wrote: > > +1 > > See you at Ritual > > On Mar 25, 3:59 pm, Scott Crosby wrote: >> building on the success of eric's idea of mixing things up with the >> tour de >> colma ('cemetery city') today, i'm thinking of doing a coyote point >> circumnavigation, which is cool, scenic, a little off-roady, and >> only takes >> a few min. longer than the usual route.  it was invented by legendary >> classical cartographer Brett >> Lider<> , >> who may elect to join for the ride. >> some info on the route variation: >> >> who's in, anyone? >> >> -sc > >

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