Thursday, March 19, 2009

3/19 Skyline moderate pace 6:30ish Peet's

Ride report to Feral County:

At exactly 6:30ish Ted, Marius, Michael and I departed Peet's with much Moxie, -1 Scott Crosby not sure where he was... (ED: sleeping off hangover) maybe talking to Ralph on the big white phone? On to the Dark Park. We met Trinh and Tom + Tom's friend (never caught his name) and off we went. The park was nice with chirping nature abound and none to cold. We caught up with space or he caught up with us at Sloat and the Great Highway and from there went on a nice and easy moderate pace all the... yeah right. We were pleasantly surprised that Sawyer Camp Trail part 1 was open. Sawyer Camp Trail was great with glimpses of deer and nice views of the misty reservoirs. I think it's hilarious that the bike speed limit in SCT says, "speed limit enforced by radar". No flats, a great work out and a glorious warm day. Oh and Scott the camera wouldn't have helped. We all ended up chasing space.

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