Monday, March 16, 2009

10/3 Skyline 6:30 Peet's

ride report:

6 riders headed out from peet's, picked up trinh and drew on the way. mark flatted just after sloat (he clearly couldn't have been using ultremos!) and was assisted by trinh and space as the rest of us headed up skyline. we passed a tiny little bike with may on it up the hill, doing a solo ride. at the top i realized my saddle was still somewhat turned sideways after my bike fell over (without me on it) last sunday, and, well, let me just tell you that you shouldn't be riding like that. IT HURTS. i fixed it and we waited and waited for the flat people and i swear there were icicles in ted's beard! after an hour or a minute of waiting, i couldn't tell, my internal sense of time had frozen over, we concluded that they'd surely be able to catch us up and we needed to start riding to get those icicles out of ted's beard.

we had some good times on the 280 and trinh and space caught up with us just before the second session of fine 280 riding, having left mark who was going to youtube. at the end of SCT i was shocked as half of the peloton (trinh, theo, othman) peeled off! cheating! what's so appealing about san mateo anyway? ted, drew, space, and me bravely rode on and there was pretty fog hovering on the surface of the reservoir. as we rode in to the fog i realized it was pretty ICY DEATH FOG OF DOOM and i swear that those who hadn't shaved their legs must have had icicles on their leg hairs by then. this must be why bikers shave their legs.

before we have even reached the end of canada drew left us, ted took off at woodside, and it got scary as this reminded of "and then there were none" and i started to wonder who would disappear next - me or space.

we narrowly averted a motorcycle cop on the portola loop who was busy lecturing two other bikers. let's just say i was mostly thinking about my cornering coming into that turn...

in the end i won because space took off just before i headed into palo alto, riding the last bit to google alone. and then there were none.


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