Tuesday, September 2, 2008

8/29 Bayway NRLB? or, heather's head

omg....  that's terrible.  i'm glad she's more or less OK.  does
anyone know any updates?  if she's still in the hospital, a get-well
visit might be in order....

(and yeah ... pacelines on those narrow bike paths are super sketch
due to the number of pedestrians/dogs/kids/unstable-cyclists ... be
careful out there, and if you paceline on the paths, always keep in a
position where you can see over the shoulder of the dude in front of
you ...)


On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Naveen Viswanatha  wrote:
> For those of us in the "chill" group this morning, I wanted to provide an
> update on the accident that one of our own was involved in on the bike trail
> in Foster City.  Heather (Whitney) was the victim of a clueless adolescent
> cyclist who veered into her lane and caused a paceline collision.  When we
> arrived shortly after it had happened, there was a cop and firetruck pulling
> up on the scene (the kid had mysteriously dissapeared at this piont).
> Heather was fully conscious, but had hit her head on the pavement and
> probably had some road rash as well.  To be safe, they immobilized her and
> took her to Kaiser in Redwood City.
> Her co-worker sent me this earlier today:
> "...She's basically OK. She's waiting for the x-rays to come back to confirm
> the diagnosis, but there's no apparent head trauma. She has a sore neck, and
> her left side is scraped up quite a bit, though"
> Fellow googler Shou accompanied by the dude from Linked In (I think, sorry I
> forget your name man) double rode her bike to the CalTrain station and
> presumably brought it safely into work.
> Moral: Gaper factor is high on that stretch of road now that school is back
> in session so be extra cautious when rolling through.
> Best wishes for speedy recovery Heather!
> Naveen
> BTW, I think Shou probably still has your bike.
> On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 9:40 AM, boring_ghosts
> wrote:
>> Hey, this morning was fun... hope you all made it safely, see you next
>> week!
>> Derrick
>> On Aug 29, 12:05 am,  wrote:
>> > I'm in from Milbway - will be there at 7:30.  Godspeed.
>> >
>> > -Zach
>> > 510-414-2650
>> >
>> > On Aug 28, 8:29 pm, "Heather Whitney"
>> > wrote:
>> >
>> > > Let it be known that I just got on a shuttle to go home just so I can
>> > > ride tomorrow
>> >
>> > > Ocd or love: you decide
>> >
>> > > On 8/28/08, steve wrote:
>> >
>> > > > Yowza, if my pager cooperates I'm in from Martha's on Cortland.
>> >
>> > > > -s

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