Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fwd: 8/7 Bayway Racepace RRR 6:30 - One for the record books!

As penance for dropping off the back at San Carlos, John and I got
lost after the EPA
bike path and turned the wrong way on Embarcadero. This led us past a
dump and
onto an unpaved bike path section where we were joined by a member of
the Google
Cyclocross team on his brand new Ridley Cross bike. When we finally
rejoined the route
and hit Bayshore, we were passed by Kemler who was using his superior
route knowledge
and a cheeky run of a red light to leave us groveling OTB in our
bonked out state. Happily
John invited me into no-name where I could commisserate with Scott and
briefly congratulate
him on his accomplishments until I realized the full impact of the
wonder that is a
Google Cafeteria.

Final Stats:
1 ancient Clif Bar on the bridge to nowhere
3 scrambled eggs with various goodness
Apple Muffin
20 or so strawberries
20 or so grapes
OJ and water

You guys are living the dream.


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