Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fwd: 8/12 Sandor's Skyline Express 630 Peets


Here's the view from the back:

The night before I swapped out the battery in my HR monitor as I've
missing it and I know I've been running a bit hotter than I've
on some recent rides.  It probably won't stop me but at least I'll
just how for over I've gone.

Rolled out the door in Bernal about 6:37.  Later than intended and
foggier than
expected.  I was doing the math in my head as to how fast I'd have to
push to
make it to Great Highway by 7AM.  I was rolling down Sloat about 6:59
noticed a rider heading up Skyline, I hoped that was the last of the
group.  I could see the turnout up ahead and there was either a small
of riders gathered or maybe a sign.  It was a sign so I rode through,
through the much denser fog than was covering the mission and could
only make
out cars heading for me.  I remembered that solo rider and adjusted my
position from off the back of the fast group to off the back of the
peloton.  I headed back towards Skyline and was thinking I should try
catch them on the hills since once we got to the down or Sawyer Camp
progress would essentially be nil.  I was pushing up the hills and
to remember what they topped out at, squinting through the fog for any
of other bikes.  Finally 2 riders materialized out of the soupy
but instead of up ahead they came from behind.  Once they caught up I
recognized Space and Trinh.  I jumped on their wheel and hung for oh,
seconds before I realized the folly.  Then came another rider and
I started to hold his wheel and glancing down at my HR sanity was
and I went back to my own pace not wanting to start a bonk this early
in the
ride.  We regrouped up at the top of the hill and our numbers grew
from 4 to
maybe 9, the missing riders having been slowed by a flat tire.  Once
we set
off we were pretty cohesive.  There wasn't a lot of pacelining, pretty
everyone cruising down in a loose pack.  As we passed under trees the
condensation had made puddles and our tires were kicking up rooster
giving us a little taste of the road.  Once we got to Swayer Camp
Trail things
were fairly chill but moving at a good clip.  We exited and returned
the 280 on-ramp.  Things picked up a bit and we were buzzing around
corners.  I was having a conversation in my head trying to remember
the difference between early and late apex when I over cooked a corner
piled it in.  I bled off as much speed as I could before I hit dirt
kept it upright.  Then the dirt shoulder dropped into what was about a
foot or so ditch and I knew I was going down.  There was a fallen
I tried to not impale myself on but aside from that I just let the
endo happen.

Final count was popped lip, scratch on chin, some leg scrapes, hole in
warmers, off kilter front brake, off center rear wheel and my left
lever slipped over a bit.  Sore shoulder but no broken clavicles (yay!
time I endoed this was not the case).  Trinh stopped and rode with me
up to
the end of SCT.  From there Trinh turned off and my busted ass
rejoined the
group the TTT started but honestly my legs were pretty cooked and it
was all
I could to to hang on.  I finally dropped off the back at the point
my ODO indicated 30mi and I was happy to ride the rest solo.  Once I
through the intersection at Woodside I spotted the rest of the crew.
had feigned another flat but I know in my heart they were waiting up.
there 1 other rider dropped off and I followed his lead at about mile

All told my ride clocked in at 2:40 moving time, avg HR of 165 and
46.76 miles.

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