Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/16 Bayway RR 630

Todays stage was a cool and foggy affair.  From around the Lagoon
there were 3 riders off the front.
I dropped back to the main pack for a less hammerific day once we
traversed the hotel parking lots.

Lots of 20MPH+ efforts with just about everyone taking a turn at the
front made this a little less than
a chill effort.

The main field was composed of equal parts Google and non-G riders
until Trinh peeled off to
his secret lair halfway through.

David claimed to have never seen the feral cats the trail is named
for, at one point claming
the cats i pointed out were actually just rocks.  David will be
seeking psychiatric help on
other future rides.

This is one of the fastest sf2g I have on record with an avg speed of
~17 and moving time ( from Martha Bros. ) of 2:21.


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