Friday, June 20, 2008

My mini ride report!

ha ha, glad you had fun.  friday=funday on the roads of sf2g.  tuesday is another matter ;)

social outings happen frequently, such as tonight's gestalt session.  i think lina, pedro, etc. are going.


On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 4:20 PM, Heather Whitney wrote:
Now that I have a spare moment I wanted to say what a blast I had this morning. And, it being my very first SF2G ride, I thought I'd write up a little somethin' somethin'

So my ride report really has to start the night before... well actually we'll start even before that. So I've been super excited about this SF2G business for some time. I just moved up here from the Santa Monica office on Monday -- and down in Santa Monica I rode with the UCLA Triathlon team (where I was, perhaps unsurprisingly, on the UCLA Triathlon team)

So anyways, I've been very excited but very nervous. Nervous primarily because I had no idea what the skill level was going to be AND I've been on quite a few "no drop" rides that ended up being drop rides. And, since I had no idea how to get to Google, getting dropped would be a problem.

So flash forward to last night - there I was laying on my temporary bed (read: my couch) last night at like 12:30AM thinking "shit, I'm going to be dropped... and then I'm going to be screwed". This went on for some time but it seems eventually I fell asleep.

Then I woke up this morning and was like "Oh god... what do these people carry their stuff in? Do they carry stuff? Are they all super speed demons who would never carry any sort of extra weight (like flip flops) because it'll slow them down? But I need my flip flops! Well...I could walk around barefoot today... but then again probably not...Oh god oh god oh god...."

Eventually I got out the door.

And from there on out it was smooth sailing (except for that one "mountain biking" second on that narrow evil bit). Everyone was super friendly and it was great to see so many people riding!

So thanks everyone! When I get back in two weeks you'll definitely see me out there a lot. Bayway any day!

And also, I don't have all that many friends up in the SF area... and, realizing that cyclists are the best sort of people, I'd love to hang out sometime! I live on Isis street - which is between 12th/13th/Folsom/Harrison

See you guys out there soon!

-Heather :)

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