Thursday, March 27, 2008

630am Peets Skyline 3/27/08

Ride Report:

- 7 riders (1 gear marius, othman, chris, space, new rider michael,
jen, and me) left from the cold, cold city
- marius attacked the skyline hill with gusto almost making it to the
top solo before chris and space joined him near the summit
- fast ride all the way to canada where we met PC and Ron (?)
- faster ride on the canada tt and i am pretty sure we were near our
all time best for those 4 hard miles
- michael and jen rolled on to menlo park while the rest of us took
the portola loop
- there was a brief quiet spell before we hammered through the loop
- rolled into Goog just in time for hot chocolate and oatmeal
- Sadly, this was Chris' swan song ride to the Goog. We'll all miss
drafting behind you.
- It was great riding with you and we'll see you on the road again
just not to MV.

On Mar 26, 11:30 am, fournierjerome  wrote:
> Hi Trinh , nice to hear from your optimistic mail,
> I might be to ride for a last one fun with you guys next week ,may
> be ? Currently packing...and the twi Orbea bikes are in the middle
> surended by all these moving boxes:-)
> very tempting though.....Have a safe ride tomorrow ,Cheers Jerome.
> jerome

> On Mar 26, 2008, at 10:26 AM, Trinh wrote:
> > anyone wanna ride?

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