Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3/4 Skyline 630am Peets

Ride Report:

- Met up with Lorenzo at Skyline and John Daly where I realized I got
a flat on the climb up. 4th flat on the Panracer tire in less than 250
- Fixed my tire and Eric H. showed up just in time to roll out, he
flatted coming from the Mission
- The 3 of us started to climb Skyline when Eric flatted again not 2
minutes into the climb
- After a quick change we were off to meet Ryan at 92/Canada
- SCT was pleasantly cool and green
- Met Ryan on the descent down to the 92 intersection
- The 4 of us rolled through Canada Rd but our paceline was messy, not
our fastest 4 miles
- Even with the flats we took the Portola Loop
- Ryan and Eric set the agenda for the rest of the ride and Lorenzo
was following with ease
- However, their pace put me in the hurt locker and they threw away
the key - I was happy just to keep them in my line of sight
- Rolled into Goog at 10 am under beautiful weather, in fact, the
entire ride was beautiful

On Mar 4, 12:30 am, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
> Lorenzo Colitti wrote:
> >> Anyone want to ride? Moderate pace, will meet missionites at the usual
> >> skyline stop.
> > I'm in from Mission. Ritual+John Daly at 0715?
> Skyline + John Daly, of course...
> Cheers,
> Lorenzo

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