Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First RWS2G - Awesome ride

I rode on Fri for the first time to work on the SF2G bayway route by
starting in Redwood Shores and what an exhilarting feeling. Nat Criou
met me in Redwood Shores to help me navigate the route and feel
confident that I would not get hopelessly lost or be stuck with a
mechanical problem. Othman met us around Menlo Park and rode with us.
Brett "the tiger" Crosby was hot tailing us but we did not meet him
and did not know he was behind us as he was non-commital the night

Thank you to the hard core members of this list for introducing me to
and encouraging me to try to ride to work. I felt so totally awesome
all day. If I could make the logistics work (of getting my bike back
home, leaving my car here etc.) and there was an earlier ride group I
would do it every day. Just the sheer energy and endorphins I have
felt all day has been like a drug. I am hooked and I want it every
day. Wow! what a feeling. Thank you for pushing me. Scott's advice of
don't try this alone was accurate. I would have got hopelessly lost.
There was a point where Nat got off the bike, pushed it up a dirt
path, crossed a bridge and went down a sheer 5 foot drop on the other
side. That is when I realized that among the recreational groups at
Google, SF2G has got to be maddest of them all. Who rides 50 miles to
work? Unless of course you have taken the hit. And once you have
ridden the tiger you cant dismount.


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