Friday, April 17, 2009

Bmoney's wintry skyline ride

Decided to head out and see if there were any random groups taking off... not too much planning put into it. no doubt I was riding solo through to Great Highway where I stumbled upon my first (and only) "dude do you see that" moment where there is no one standing next to you ... The moon was just hovering right above the ocean on Great Hwy where you could see some insane(!) surfers shredding some soft right shoulder breaks. It was truly a site and wanted to just kick it there for the rest of morning .. moving on I could see a light or two in the distance of riders rolling off in the distance ... I quick thought of I should chase them down which quickly went away after I realized I was already red lined from a lack of riding.

After hitting the last peak I noticed a rider in front of me and was able to close the gap; pulling up on Julian (whom is the rider who told me about sf2g about a year ago) We rode together until we hit some rollers coming across Skyline which he subtly reminded me that I have not been riding that much by easily pulling away at any degree of slight incline.. mind you the only way I caught up to him was due to him stopping to take a picture of the sunrise...

all in all a good ride though it was blistering cold. I got to the office in Menlo and the temp gauge read 38... solid ride... but might be waiting till it gets warmer before I head out again.... I am a wuss.

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