Thursday, May 15, 2008

5/15 NRLB Skyline Bike 2 Work Extravaganza

Gruppetto Ride Report:

- I woke up at 5:40am for dog walking duty and I was already sweating
- Met a huge group of BTWD riders at Peets - probably 30 in all
- The slow roll out of the Peet's parking lot was the only time our
group stayed as one
- The speed racers Space, Marius, Nick P. and 17 other riders took off
on a brisk pace
- Our gruppetto took a more leisurely pace down Skyline enjoying the
scenery, taking pictures, getting sunburned, etc.
- The conditions on Lower Sawyer Camp Trail was perfect.
- Our gruppetto split into three groups towards the end of the ride
and my group (Heather, Andrew, and me) carried the lantern rouge onto
- Congrats to all the 1st time Skyliners (Lauren, Heather, Caroline,
Andrew, Sean, Donal)

On May 15, 12:13 pm, "Tom Brown" 
> On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 11:46 AM, Mary Hollendoner 
> > Ditto someone could sign my name for me!  I came straight to crittenden to
> > get breakfast cause it was already 10:30, I won't get to main campus before
> > noon...
> > Thanks for a great skyline ride, and Trinh thanks for leading!  :o)
> They said you must be present to count.
> > Who's still thinking about Bayway back to SF?  I am on the fence but more
> > likely to bike than to bail I think...  see how I feel in a few hours!
> > Tentatively 5pm leaving from Crit, 5:10 from main campus, or something like
> > that?!
> Later means closer to a regular work day and also cooler. I guess we don't
> want to leave later than 5:30 because it will probably take just over 3h. 10
> or 20 min later leaving and I'm in.

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